Happy May everyone!
I don't know where April went, but Wayne and I had a wonderful month. We recently went to visit our daughter, Jody, in Arizona. Summer is also just around the corner which means I've started planting seeds in my garden.
May is birthday month in our house, with celebrations that last the entire month. Our son Ted, born May 7th, arrived one day before his dad’s birthday on May 8th.  Our granddaughter Bailey was born on Mother’s Day which fell on May 9th—the best Mother’s Day gift ever. So we start off the month with birthdays on May 7th, 8th, and 9th. But wait there’s more! Jenny Adele was born on May 16th, plus our adopted son Michael on May 20th. See what I mean about celebrating all month long?
I hope you have a wonderful month, and remember, summer is coming!
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