After one of the readers sent me a DM sharing her experience in South America, I sat down and re-read the tale from the Lost Issue on my way home from the extended Eid break. I've never visited Brazil but have always wanted to (no surprise). So this time I read more slowly.
One of the stories in Volume Nine has piqued my interest much. Juliani, from Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, recounts from Bahia, Brazil, her passion tale of juggling her family and profession. Juliani narrates her real narrative of navigating and updating in this extremely foreign place thousands of kilometres away from home. She gives a taste of what Salvador, the capital city of Bahia, looks like in 'A Chance To Break Free', her first trip to South America. Read more of her moments in this issue.
A quick update. The Eid Holiday is now ended. It felt great to be back with family and friends to celebrate Raya last week. Now we're getting ready for something new, so stay tuned for our next project.
Enjoy your new adventures and safe travels.
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