Hey There,
As you know, most of our Sunday Letters have been about Dohful, or me, or something that happened in Dohful or with Dohful…you get the point.
But today, we are going to mix this up. We're going to talk about you. 
Well, since this is an email really 🙄, I'm going to be asking about you. And hoping 🤞 that you would take out some time to reply me back.
And what do I want to ask you about? Well, do read on, my dearest.
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Do you know that moment in all the chick flick movies when the guy and the girl meet for the first time? 
That meet-cute, where everything happens in a slow-mo, violins start playing in the background, and both their hearts skip a beat...
As if the whole universe had been leading them up to this moment and now that finally, that moment was here, they both don’t want it to end?
Has that ever happened to you?
Well, it has definitely happened to me. On my honeymoon. When I had my first soft baked cookie.
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And I have told you that story a million times! 
It was love at first bite and I could not get over the fact that how insanely delicious and melt-in-your-mouth those cookies were.
With chocolate so intense and flavours so perfect, I could not help but yearn for those cookies when I came back to India.
But as I said, we are not here for that. Rather, today, I want to ask you about your meet-cute!
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YOUR meet-cute with DOHFUL..
I want to ask you, how did you meet Dohful for the first time? Did you order for yourself? Did someone special gift it to you? Did you get it anonymously for Secret Santa? What happened?
Tell us, we want to know. Every gory detail.
In fact, when I asked this question on Dohful’s Instagram page recently, the response was phenomenal. I mean so many amazing moments, and joyous memories, unearthed with that question. 
We all had the biggest smile reading those stories…
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And hence I thought I HAVE to ask this question to you guys as well. 
Because I know some of you have been having our cookies, and reading this Sunday Letter for eternity now. What I don’t know is how you got started.
So what are you waiting for? Hit that reply button & send us your meet-cute story with Dohful. The cutest story might even have a surprise waiting from our side!
Hit that reply button now!
P.S. - I know you're for the cookies only so… NoToZuck (15% off) is still active!
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