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IT'S PUB DAY! Keeping this one short and sweet. As Avery, Elle, and Willow enter the world, I hope these characters find their way into your heart as they did mine. 
Order HERE.
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And if you're in the Miami area, I'll be at the JCC tonight with the amazing Good Book Fairy. Details below.
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Thank you readers and friends!
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There's a When We Let Go playlist... 

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Please join me in another celebration today... 

When my publishing house gave me the release date for WHEN WE LET GO, it coincidentally fell on this beautiful woman's birthday. I have always believed my mother is with me; I receive her signs often. There's been no greater sign than this. 
Happy Birthday, Mom.
Miss you like crazy.
I hope this one makes you extra proud.
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It's pub day, but still have to share this month's favorites... 

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