Our 2022 schedule was released and we open the season at home against the Giants on September 11th. I’m ready for the goosebumps during the anthem and expected flyover… If experiencing this doesn’t give you goosebumps, check yourself for a pulse. No kneeling allowed… just saying. Now let’s talk about the AJ Brown trade. I will admit I was not happy but tried to take a step back and realize he might only be healthy for 10-12 games a year and as much as I want the NFL to not be a business, that is all it is, and it came down to the money. Having to get over this one quickly.
The NFL is sticking with the 18-week regular season schedule and the Titans:
  • Have 8 home games & 9 away games
  • Bye Week - Week 6
  • MNF - on the road against the Bills
  • TNF- on the road against Green Bay & at home vs Dallas
Roster Addition Notables:
  • Treylon Burks, WR out of Arkansas. Not sure how I’m feeling here. Some people think this was a steal but time will tell. Day 1 at minicamp left a little to be desired but Day 2 improved. If he lives up to his potential maybe we won’t miss a beat.
  • Robert Woods, WR from the Rams. The 30-year-old veteran tore his ACL last November. Could be a great addition if he can stay healthy.
  • Malik Willis, QB out of Liberty. Another ‘time will tell’ pick up. Will he get the keys to the offense in 2023 since the Titans will save $17.8 million if we release or trade Tannehill?
Who knew Nashville would have such a soccer following? Spoiler alert…everyone in Nashville. Geodis Park, which is the largest soccer-only stadium in the US with a seating capacity of 30,000, opened on May 1st after 26 months of construction. The first home game sold out within minutes. Geodis is walking distance to our new office so stay tuned for some more info on office parties, beer, and bourbon when you walk by on game days.
Where does the name Geodis come from? 
Geodis is a supply chain operator that employs 2,000 locally. Over 70 years ago there was a local logistics company, Ozburn-Hessey, that started in Nashville. In November 2015 Geodis acquired them and there are now five locations in Middle Tennessee. Later this summer Geodis will be releasing plans about a youth soccer league team they will be funding that came as part of the naming rights deal.
I recently took a last-minute trip to Lisbon, Portugal.  I’ve never felt more at home with the way people dress. Blazers and sneakers everywhere. Do yourself a favor and learn how to pull this off and also, while you’re at it, I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but, please, please put away the Golden Goose sneakers. They were never cool and I 10/10 cringe* when I see them because of how mainstream they are. Go to Zara and spend $50 or save up and buy some classic Balenci-ussys*. People who appreciate fashion everywhere will thank you.
*10/10 cringe - It’s so bad that you have secondhand embarrassment 
*Balenci-ussys - Lizzo’s way of referring to Balenciaga, open up TikTok and you’ll get it.
Are Zestimates accurate? Not even close. Get a competitive market analysis specific to your address by a professional instead of using an antiquated algorithm.
5 / 5
So you park in an alley in East Nashville and you walk up to a single-story building where you knock on the back door. And nothing happens. So you wait and you wonder if you're even at the right spot. You start talking yourself out of all the hype you heard because of this tiny, hole-in-the-wall building. Where are you? You are where the top 10 bartenders in Nashville all work. Yes. They all work at the same place. 
There are only two original speakeasies that still function as they were during prohibition. One of those speakeasies is called Attaboy. They have two locations: The original bar from the prohibition in New York and the bar at 8 Mcferrin Avenue in East Nashville. The owner/founder of the bar revived cocktail culture and revolutionized the bar game with a place called "Milk and Honey" in New York in the 90s. And basically, every speakeasy that you have seen pop up since then is likely influenced by this man, Sasha Petraske*. 
What makes the bar and the bartenders so interesting and distinct? Well to start, there is no menu. Each order is a discussion with the bartender about what your favorite spirits are and what your favorite mixes have been. They download your overall taste profile into their highly skilled and highly trained brains and they pour you an original drink you have likely never had before that is based on the information you gave them. The depth of knowledge required for this surpasses any assumptions we typically make about who and what a bartender might be. How do they find these people? Well, they don't just find them, they make them. According to bartender, Natalie, who has worked with the owners for over a decade, including the New York location - it doesn't matter how much success you have had in the bartending industry or who you are... everyone goes through the same rigorous training in order to get the job. They first test you to make sure you know the exact way to use a jigger. Because "if you aren't using it with precision then you may as well not be using it at all"  It creates an imbalance in the drink, she says. And then they test you on how well you organize and "build" orders. If you have 4 drinks to make but each drink requires a different time to make and different ingredients, how will you organize them to be at the proper temperature the second they are delivered to the customer? They have to answer questions that I never even knew to ask, for example, how does a citrus-based drink throw off your timing and your temp? And this doesn't even include taste profiling or creativity. It isn't just that Attaboy has the best bartenders in Nashville, it's that any bartender who has been hired and trained using Sasha Petraske's methods, has become one of the best bartenders in the world. 
So you knock at the door. And you just wait. Is there a line just because it's popular? Not necessarily. It's large in part because they control capacity for the specific purpose of timing the drinks to perfection. 
No other bar compares. Not just in Nashville. But, anywhere. We are lucky to have it.
* Here is an article if you're interested in learning more about Sasha Petraske's life and influence.
How Things Are Trending:
MAY 2022
  • The median listing price in the US just went above $400,000
  • The best 3 month season of the year to sell your home for above market value: May, June, and July
  • According to Nashville Business Journal, rates have risen so much that homebuyers across the U.S. would need to make 34.4% more money than they were making at this time last year to be approved for the same house loan amount
  • Housing inventory in Davidson county actually increased from March to April according to the Fed. This isn't a long enough timeline to say it is a trend, but with rising rates and a cooling market, it is something to keep an eye on. June is the busiest month of the year for real estate, on average. If we see inventory continue to climb from May to June we can officially say that the pandemonium in the housing market is coming to an end.