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In a marathon meeting this past Wednesday, May 25, Regional Council voted for Land Needs Scenario 2A ("BILD Scenario") for housing, and Scenario 2 for employment, resulting in an estimated 9,300 acres of new land required for future growth. 
Envision Durham staff will next map WHERE the expansion areas will be located and present further details to the public and Regional Council in the months ahead.
This vote was not without significant controversy. Read the last-minute report from Commissioner of Planning, Brian Bridgeman, on page 26, HERE.  
You can find the video of the (all day!) meeting HERE.
Who supported the “BILD Scenario”? 
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Who supported a motion for Scenario 4 (low sprawl scenario)? 
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Election Day Looms!
Only a few days remain to ask your provincial candidates about their party's position on creating housing without sprawl, and how they plan to prevent the urbanization of Carruthers Headwaters. Pledging to add Carruthers to the Greenbelt as an “Urban River Valley” is not appropriate as the area is not urbanized…and shouldn't be! 
Robust protection of the headwaters in Northeast Pickering is needed to protect Ajax residents, and to ensure prime farmland and the associated natural heritage system is retained for ecological and agricultural value. Read more about the battle for Carruthers Headwaters HERE.
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Team Meeting
Tuesday, May 31, 7:30 pm
Come join the conversation on Tuesday evening. Please RVSP in advance by emailing us at and we'll send you a Zoom link.