5 Boudoir  Tips I Swear By
Boudoir sessions can seem scary and stressful, but they don't need to be! Finding the perfect photographer for you and really knowing how to prepare for your session can make the experience top notch! 

Here's some helpful tips, just for you
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Tip #1: Choose a photographer based on their style, how they talk to you, and how you vibe with them. Do you like their editing style? Do you like all the pics they post? Do they interact with their followers and are they informative? Do they have a lot of amazing reviews from real paying clients? If yes, they may be the one for you! Reach out and ask about their sessions. See how the convo goes before deciding to book. How they make you feel with that first impression is everything. There's nothing wrong with reaching out to several photographers to see who best fits you! 

Tip #2: Although, I know budget is important, it shouldn't be the main reason you choose a photographer. You don't know how many times I have clients book that later tell me during their shoot they had a boudoir shoot with someone else because it was cheaper and they wish they would've invested that money into a shoot with me instead. I'm not saying this to say “I am the best. Book with me." There's tons of boudoir photogs that I recommend. If I'm not for you, that's okay! I will happily refer you to someone who might be. But, boudoir isn't something you want to base on price. Yes, stick within your means of spending, but also don't expect the best experience if you're looking at it only at a price stand point. Reference tip number 1. It should be your main focus when deciding on a photog! 

Tip #3: Communicate with your photographer. I send out a questionnaire and this helps me get to know my clients a little better and what they expect for their shoot. I LOVE when clients reach out with ideas and inspiration for their shoot. It helps me understand their wants and which direction I should take and how creative they want to get! Make sure your photographer knows the type of photos you want. Do you want modest? More risqué? Nude shots? These are things we want to know. This info will allow us to help you feel more comfortable during your shoot, too! 

Tip #4: Tell your hair and makeup artist what you like and don't like. Be honest with them when they ask you what you think. Your makeup is going to really pull together the look for your photos and if you don't like it, you may not like your photos for that reason alone. Be upfront and honest about everything. It helps and is never considered rude if addressed in a nice manor! If I am doing your shoot, tell me if you don't feel comfortable telling the artist. I will tell them, no problem! 

Tip #4: Practice poses you see online in the mirror. You may feel silly, but do it. Practice makes perfect and you will feel more confident going into your shoot if you have a little practice first. Plus, your photographer will be impressed lol. 

Tip #5: Try on outfits and see what you like best for your body. If your photographer has a client closet, ask if you can come try some things on at her studio (weeks before your shoot), so you can be prepared if you do need to order something. 
Together, let's take your confidence to the next level!
Morgan Harris
Courtney B. 
If you’re thinking about booking a session with Morgan let me just say it’s worth it. I had never heard of Morgan or her boudoir sessions until I was asked, at the gym of all places, if I had done a session. I had not but I was curious. I joined her Facebook group and was amazed at the photos. I reached out for more information and Morgan began talking with me and quickly my fears were lessened. She talked to me like a friend and allowed me to ask any questions. I booked my session on Black Friday for March with this being a surprise for my husband for our 5th anniversary. The day of the session Morgan immediately made me comfortable. It was not awkward or anything close to it. She tells you exactly what to do and the end result was absolutely amazing. It was so hard to choose which photo was my favorite Book the session for yourself. Allow yourself to feel as beautiful as you are. Let Morgan capture that beauty. I promise you will not regret it!
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Boudoir Shot of Courtney