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Spring has sprung and I'm still basking in the afterglow of the success of my first ever solo exhibition at Pop Box Gallery last month!
I sold six pieces of art and received multiple commission requests from the show!
All in all it was a lot of work, but an incredible experience. 
I'd like to share with you a favorite moment from the three-week show… 
The Slow Art Tour was hosted by Gail Belvett at Pop Box Gallery on May 3rd. During this event a group of ten folks gathered in the gallery and contemplated one of my pieces of work for 45 minutes. 
I attended, but sneakily - I just showed up and didn't tell anyone that I was the artist. Just being present and hearing people speak about my work in such profound terms brought tears to my eyes!
At the end of the discussion, Gail revealed me as the artist and I gave an impromptu artist talk (shown in the photo below). After the event I sold the piece of art being contemplated to Keith - one of the attendees! 
This was just one of the many magical moments I experienced during my show at Pop Box Gallery!
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Shown here is a fellowship of floral femmes (myself included) at the gallery reception event on April 30th! Big thank you to all my friends who came out!
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Featured below is Michelle, one of my newest art collectors with the piece “Emerge” she purchased from the show at Pop Box Gallery
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As many of you know I am recovering from a traumatic brain injury I suffered as a result of a serious car accident I was in over three years ago. (For more about my story and how it informs my artwork, visit my website linked in this email!) 
During my early recovery process I used active visualization exercises to imagine myself in a better place in order to add momentum to my healing process. 
One of my go-to visualizations was of having my own solo exhibit of my art.
 My experience at Pop Box Gallery was so meaningful because it was literally a dream come true! 
Infinite love and gratitude to the directors Laura Ritchie and Mavis Gragg (shown with myself below) for the incredible opportunities presented to me through Pop Box Gallery 💛
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Up Next!
This month and next I will be experimenting with using pulped paper to cast sculptural art forms. I'm working with a new maker space called Silverado Fab in Durham to do prototyping. The design below is what I will seek to accomplish through my experimentation for a sculptural art installation for clients John and Patrick in their modern home in Raleigh!
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My newest and biggest client yet is the ArtsCenter in Carrboro! 
They have hired me to design a donor exhibit which will occupy space in their new (renovated) building. The exhibit will commemorate folks who have donated funds to the renovation project. I'm super excited about this project and have many ideas in the mix for what this donor exhibit may become. Many thanks to David Gange Architecture for recommending me for this work!
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I continue plugging away on one new original design each week. 
Last week's design is featured at the top of this email - and is available for purchase! This week's design is commissioned by Zac and will be similar to what is shown here, with more randomness thrown in!
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I need your help! I'm looking for a home to showcase my piece shown below called Iridesce! It is for sale and I hope to show it in a public-facing venue somewhere in the Triangle. If you have any ideas on a good venue, please let me know! 
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One last thing!
I will be showing several pieces of art at the Matthews House in Cary for this Friday evening's Between2Clouds “A Night Out” event!
Join me from 5-10pm for a “swanky social be fancy art party with electroswing music+dancing, acoustic live music, photo shoot experience, art class, cocktails, +more”
That's all for now my friends! Thank you for your continued interest in my work!
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