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Meet Our Providers!
Rick Aguirre is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist. He graduated from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2012, earning his diplomate in acupuncture, and then from The Won Institute of Graduate Studies in 2019, where he acquired his Certificate in Chinese Herbs. A Texas native, he moved to central Ohio when he was young and currently resides in Westerville with his wife, Samantha.
Originally a psychology major, Rick is committed to his patients' well-being, body, mind, and spirit. He believes traditional Chinese medicine offers a unique and effective path, especially when used with commonly utilized mental health therapeutic techniques. Rick would be honored to support you in any way he can in your efforts to realize your wellness goals.
Dr. Beverly Crump, who is an educator, life coach, minister, and leader in the community, would like to remind you about the holistic approach to mental wellness. In a recent conversation on how we can aid our patients in their journey to health, she spoke passionately about remembering our connection to God in our everyday lives. She is a strong believer that counseling and medications work, but only when combined with prayer, meditation, and setting time aside to ponder our spirituality. She says, “I think of my own connection to God every day. My relationship with God helps me get through rough patches in life, and there have been many. I welcome my patients with enthusiasm. I trust that whatever they bring to a session is something that we can work out together. I trust because God works through me and God helps me find solutions. I don’t have to mention God to others at all, but my connection to God is strong, and it gives me all that I need to be helpful to my patients. Counseling works, but so does sitting in peace and connecting to something deeper than yourself within yourself. Whether you find God in church or nature, God is always there for you, ready for you to embrace that All-Knowing Love. In your search for cures and healing, don’t be afraid to find God.”
Book Corner with Dr. Newman

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Dr. Newman, a psychologist at Holistic Wellness Solutions, recommends reading, “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking” a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf. In her book, Dr. Caroline Leaf makes the case that managing our moods requires that we learn to manage our minds by controlling our thinking. Remember, when you change the way you look at things, the things 
you look at change! Dr. Newman wanted to highlight some of the points made by Dr. Leaf: We can go several weeks without food, several days without water, and roughly three minutes without air-but we don’t go three seconds without thinking. Without managing our thoughts, we can’t manage our moods.  Start your journey to better health today by looking at your thoughts and ditching any toxic thoughts now!
Updates & Events

Detailed Instructions for the “Health Diaries” Competition:

1) Create a 30s-60s video in vertical format with no music.
2) You may begin your video with: "My name is [your name] and this is how I take care of my mental health..."
3) Discuss activities and habits that help your mental health.
4) Upload your video to wetransfer.com and create a shareable link to your video.
5) Email the link WeTransfer creates to contest@holisticws.com with "MAY HEALTH DIARIES ENTRY" in the subject. Please tell us your name and where to contact you if you win!
6) We will notify you if you have won! You will be posted across our social media and win a $100 gift card. If you get over 1000 views you will win another $100 gift card.
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Naked Truth: A Therapy Podcast

Alicja Matusiak, LISW-S PMHNP-BC, is a Polish psychiatric nurse practitioner and a social worker dedicated to helping others improve their mental health. 
She hopes to share her knowledge and help others improve their mental health through podcasting. Why Naked Truth? She wants to encourage us to practice truth to get healthy. 
Have a question for Alicja? You can submit it and have your question answered live on the podcast! Stay tuned for new episodes and upcoming interviews with other Holistic Wellness Providers!
Listen to Alicja's Podcast

Together, let's take our mental health to the next level.
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