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June 2022
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Dear First name / Friend,

Last Monday evening, the sky turned green as tornado sirens blared. I quickly ran to the barn to put halters on my horses.
I hugged their necks with tears running down my cheeks, “Stay safe, I love you so much!” 🥺
I ran to the house as the rain started and wind picked up. I grabbed the dogs and ran for the basement, so worried about my babies.
One thing I wasn't worried about? My data. 
The last thing I did before sheltering in my laundry room was grab my laptop so we could watch the weather reports. As I reached for it I thought to myself “Do I need to take all these hard drives too?”
But I was able to confidently leave them and focus on keeping us and our animals safe because I have a SOLID backup strategy in place, which I would like to share with you today. 
ps. Thankfully, the storm passed over us with just a lot of branches down and leaves stripped from the trees. Others around the state did not fare as well but no lives were lost.
pps. Yes, Minnesota gets tornadoes! 🌪🌪

Backup Strategy

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I recently had two different drives go bad. Like BADDD. Like only fragments of files were recoverable.
They were archives, but the loss of data still made me sad. Recovering the drive through a service was possible, but also expensive and when I had them evaluated, many files that were noted as unrecoverable. This made me re-think my backup strategy once again.
My new rule is that every drive that contains important data must have at least one backup either in the cloud or in our fireproof safe.
I use software to automate these backups because if it's up to me to remember to do it, it won't likely get done. 🙈
The first software I use is Backblaze. Backblaze is cloud storage, meaning your files are backed up to a server over the internet. With Backblaze running on my computer, files are backed up automatically throughout the day. 
I keep my edited JPEG files on a separate drive and use Backblaze for just that drive and a few select folders on my computer containing important files. The downside of Backblaze is that if you delete an image from the drive being backed up, it is removed from Backblaze after 30 days. This means it's not good for archival backup.
My slow upload speeds coupled with the large files from my R5 and my tendency to lean on the shutter mean Backblaze is not ideal for me for backing up RAW files, so I back those up to local drives using Chronosync. With Chronosync you set which drives you want backed up when, and it runs automatically. I back up to 2 drives and rotate them in and out of our fireproof safe.
Finally, I use Time Machine, which is installed on every Apple Computer, to back up just my computer. I probably use this software most often to recover files on my computer I accidentally overwrote or put in the trash and later wanted to recover.
The main thing is that you have all your important files in two places! If you have the speed for it, backing everything up to the cloud is ideal, but if you don't have the bandwidth, local drives rotated either in a fireproof safe or off-site location is a good alternative.
Note: I am currently working on a standalone video course on Workflow, which includes a more in-depth discussion on backup strategy, so watch for that announcement in a future newsletter!

What I'm Reading and Listening To…

People are buying big for one very important reason: They are purchasing a piece of their identity.
—Megan DiPiero, She Sells
What I'm Reading
I wish I could make EVERY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER read “She Sells” by Megan DiPiero! It's a masterclass on selling with empathy and has opened my eyes to new ways I can better serve my clients while also growing my business. Since reading the book, I turned a $425 mini session into a $2000 sale and booked a $2250 gift session without the buyer blinking an eye. 
If you would prefer the printed or ebook, you can buy it on Amazon.
What I'm Listening To
  • If you have ever wondered if Commercial Photography is right for you, then you HAVE to listen to this podcast. I 100% concur with everything J Nichole Smith has to say! Why Commercial Photography May Not be for You.
  • I've been following Chris Do online for a while but only recently started listening to his podcast and now I'm hooked! The best episode I've listened to so far was How to Tell Better Stories by Kindra Hall.

It's Time for You to Learn Video! ⏰
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Is your social media reach tanking? 🙈
It's likely because platforms like Instagram and giving preference to video content. As much as we would like to think our photos are enough to get us noticed, we can no long ignore the fact that video needs to be part of our marketing strategy and a service we offer to portrait and commercial clients. 
I know making video with your DLSR or Mirrorless camera can feel overwhelming and hard and I can empathize! Over the years, I tried and failed at video many times, but I didn't give up. Now, my clients love my video work, and I feel confident pressing the red button. That’s why I created this online course - so you can skip the trial and error and go straight to making great videos!
Through this course, you’ll get up and running quickly so you can offer video to your portrait clients right away. I will guide you step-by-step through the process, from setting up your camera to filming to editing to a beautiful, effective videos you can sell to your clients.
Photographer Marie Novak had this to say:
"After taking Shelley's video course, I made a practice video and shared it on social media. A past client saw my video and reached out right away to book a video session!"


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