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A few days ago, I returned to the post-baby-having-break work world. So happy to be back, btw! I introduced my new little tiny to you, and I shared an exciting sneak peek of where The Write Lens is headed for the rest of the year.
In that sneak peek, I mentioned a funky term that probably had a lot of you scratching your heads. But this funky new term—a hot topic in the tech world at the moment—is one that we think could have a massive impact on the way photographers interact with their clients. And I want you to be on the cutting edge before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon!
So let's dive in: What the actual heck is UX Design? What does it mean, and what does this super techy phrase have to do with your photography business?
Sneak a peek at this week's MASSIVE blog post to dip your toe in:
UX, or User Experience, is a fancy way to say something pretty basic. In short, it’s how humans experience something. 
To say something has “good user experience” means that achieving your goal, whether to design a poster on an application or find the exit sign in a dark movie theater, is simple and straightforward. Especially on your first try. And most of all, the best UX Design goes absolutely unnoticed!
An airport with a good user experience would have clear, well-placed signs and walkways wide enough to pass other travels. Product packaging with good user experience has easy to open containers, well-placed directions that you won’t accidentally throw away, and parts packaged so that they don’t break in transit. A website with good user experience guides users toward a clear goal in a seamless, effortless way.
UX isn’t a Silicon Valley buzzword that doesn’t apply to your photography business. It’s a critical concept to understand when designing anything another human uses.
UX for photographers refers to the experience you build for your ideal clients, from the moment they book to the final interaction you have with them. Website flow. Informational emails. Check-ins. Client guides. Gallery delivery. Album design. It’s all part of the experience you give! And it WILL make or break your business.
So, in our blog post for the week, we are taking a deep-dive into a few fundamental principles of UX Design and how you can best apply UX for your photography website. We’ll even provide our own UX for photographers recommendations, too!
Give the rest of the blog post a peek to find out more about what UX Design is, but most importantly, how it can impact your business! By adding this level of extreme strategy to your web content, you can increase the likelihood that potential clients will have a positive experience on your website! 
And positive experiences lead to bookings!
This post is just the beginning of our adventure into the world of UX Design for photographers. We intend to continue going deeper into each of the concepts introduced in the post, detail in-depth plans for the overall communication strategy for your business, and create handy resources to help you put all of this to work!
We can't wait to bring you this new way of thinking about your client experience, along with a proven strategy to help you take your photography business to the next level this year!
'Til then, happy writing!
xo, Erica
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