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June 2021 vol. 2

Investing in our Community
Heritage Square Farmers Market
She was reluctant at first…
I think it was 2019 when our good friend Norma Ayala approached the City of Taylor with the idea of starting a farmers market.  After planting that seed, Norma had to move, and Molly reluctantly agreed to take on the responsibility of nurturing and growing what would become the Heritage Square Farmer's Market in Taylor, Texas. 
It didn’t take long for the obstacles to present themselves.  From convincing vendors to give the small town Saturday market a try to getting the word out to the community that the market was open, running the market was a full time endeavor. Then along came COVID and the enforced closing of all non-essential businesses. The prevailing logic at the time was that it was better to stand in line at the grocery store than expose yourself in an outdoor market.  But Molly persevered.  She surveyed the other markets, established acceptable protocols and without missing a beat got the market back in operation.  That was a banner year for the market as many folks quickly came to realize that we have to rely on one another - that’s what community is.
Molly has received a great deal of help from the vendors throughout the process. After exhausting herself trying to manage everything solo, she rallied the troops and recruited fellow vendors to form a Market Board. With the help of these fine folks the market has established a live music program, a KidPreneur program, free spaces for community groups to raise money and share information, and more. Taking it one step further, she founded the "Friends of the Market"- a community support team.  Honestly, I was surprised by how many of our customers and community members were eager to help out.  She now has a team of volunteers with the skills and energy needed to turn her vision into reality.
Molly hopes to implement several more community focused programs like SNAP, Chef at the Market, and regular educational classes and demonstrations.  We already have community outreach tables for the local animal shelter, scouts, AGE of Central Texas, and local school programs.
Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Stop by and see Mary Linda or Valerie at the Friends of the Market table.  And of course you can always support us by telling your friends - bring them to the market!  I’ve found the best way to spread the word is to host a dinner with a wonderful meal sourced from the market (and your own backyard).
Check out the Market Website
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