First name / Friend, it is Book Day! We would like to continue with the book club series of our newsletter! At Arwani Law Firm we like to always keep you posted on the books that are being read by our lovely staff. Hope you enjoy and have the chance to read some of our suggestions. Our list is made up of the following: 
The Sun Also Rises: This novel by the great Ernest Hemingway has been one of the best written stories of all times. Written in 1926, the detail in the language of the story brings to life the scenery of Europe in those times. It is a heart-warming story of American and British expatriates wondering around Europe in the mid 1920's. However, since it was written by one of the most vivid writers of all times, the description of the scenes in each chapter makes the visuals in your head so clear. 100% recommended. 
The 48 Laws of Power : Robert Greene's most successful book is truly one of the most put together books of our generation. As he says in his introduction, this book will allow you to either gain power, or no how to defend yourself from it. It is insightful and full of anecdotes and parables that incorporate the fullness of his message. No wonder this books was banned in some prison systems. 
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry: Neil DeGrasse Tyson is one of the most famous scientists of all times. In this book, Dr. Tyson brings complex concepts and ideas from astrophysics into the world of the average citizen (not PHDs in physics). If you are wanting to learn about astrophysics and are “in a hurry”, this is the book for you. 

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