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As most of you know I have been out sick with Covid for the past two weeks.  Thankfully my symptoms were mild, and I am feeling like my old self again. Having Covid caused me to miss my niece’s wedding which was disappointing and hard for me.  But I had to really look at why this happened.  I am rarely sick, although this past year I have had my share of illnesses and having Covid made me look at my life.
I am one of those that do not believe in coincidences, I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. It is either to teach us or another person or to push us out of our comfort zone.  So, what did Covid teach me?  More than you can imagine.
I forgot to take care of me and my time. I allowed my clients needs to come before mine, including sacrificing my time off to support my clients.  So many people are afraid to set boundaries, but boundaries are necessary not only for our mental health but for our physical health as well.
Being a psychic medium people just assume you are on all the time, and this is not true, in fact it is necessary for us to have times when we are not “on.”  When I do not have times where I can “unplug” I experience fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, and just feel burnt out.  It is important for me to maintain a balance between work, rest, and play.  It is important that I remember to not only nourish my soul but nourish my body by eating healthy and I did not do any of that. I was so busy being there for everyone else, that I forgot to take care of me.
I became too tired to practice my self-care like meditations and eating regularly and healthier.  I started grabbing fast foods because it was fast and convenient.  I was not scheduling time to eat lunches and would work straight through and eat at the end of the day when I would be so hungry, I just wanted something quick.  I forgot about my needs and because I was not meditating and eating properly, I was not sleeping well at all.  I believe Covid was the Universe’s way of reminding me and getting me to stop and slow down and breathe.  Reminding me of my priorities, yes work is a priority, but it is not THE priority.
What lessons or reminders are you receiving? Are you listening to them and paying attention to them?  Are you willing to make the changes you need to make to live and be a healthier you? I know I am.  One big change I will be making is I will be getting a business phone, a phone that will stay at the studio for I will no longer be making myself available during my off hours.  My personal phone will be just that and only a select few will have that number.
I am getting back to my spiritual practices like meditation and making it a priority.  I am getting back to eating healthier and blocking out time in my work schedule to allow time to eat.  I will also be limiting how many clients I see in a day to no more than three or four, I have been seeing up to six and that is just too much for me energetically.
I will respect my needs, my body, and my spirit and I will NOT sacrifice that again.  This is the lesson Covid has reminded me.
I want to thank all of those for the well wishes and healing energy and I am so grateful for all the clients I had to cancel for their understanding and support.  I will be back to the studio on Sunday, June 19th and look forward to seeing everyone again.
May you learn your life lessons and put into practice healthy boundaries for yourself.
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic Medium
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Starting immediately I will only be available to clients during my business hours and will no longer be responding to clients outside of those hours. My time is precious to me and it is important that I remember to give myself some down time so that I can recharge.  Thank you for understanding.

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