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Intelligence isn’t highly correlated to income—here are some factors that have a stronger correlation: energy and ambition, ability to work well with others, durability or the ability to stick with something, and ability to see the right hierarchies to climb within an organization.
The trick is to surround yourself with people who are free in ways you’re not. In other words, don’t surround yourself with smarter people. Surround yourself with differently free people.
The Arc of the Practical Creator by Lawrence Yeo is a brilliantly insightful essay about what it takes to succeed as a creator 
Creative expression is often used as a gateway to something more practical, and is rarely accepted as something practical in itself…. but the internet enabled a vision where creativity and practicality were directly correlated. The more effort you put into your creative output, the greater the practical benefits would be.
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A thread by Danny Zuckerman on web3, the tension between extrinsic and intrinsic incentives, and why money and communities mix poorly

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Why is company culture interesting? 
On first blush, it's easy to interpret the writing and thinking around company culture through the lens of how founders and leaders can establish high-performing teams. But as you spend more time with the topic, you realize that the strongest cultures are those that engage everyone in the work of establishing, upholding, and evolving culture. Nothing great in this town is built without the whole team linking arms to build it together.
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Acquired Podcast (to which I'll ascribe the tagline, non-boring corporate histories!)
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My favorite projects right now are and! They make being on the internet beautiful and fun.

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