First name / Friend, it is Poetry Day again! Here at Arwani Law Firm we enjoy conversations about new and exciting topics that are flowing in our lives and that would benefit you, the reader. As stated before, The Victorian poet Matthew Arnold once claimed that “The crown of literature is poetry”. Lately, we at the firm discussed the fact that poetry has slowly declined in impact as time has gone by. But to us, it still feels like poetry and the boundaries of creativity and expression that it shatters, are just as important today as they were throughout human history. Here are 3 poems we recently read and recommend: 
  • Fire and Ice: This poem by Robert Frost might not be his best work, but it gets your juices flowing if you are attempting to analyze life, death, and opposites alike. Also, it being only 9 lines, you are able to understand how his style plays a role in his scheme. 
  • Mother to Son: Langston Hughes is one of the most famous writers of all time and this poem is proof. In literary terms, Hughes uses the metaphor of a staircase to depict the difficulties and dangers one can face in daily life. With determination and wisdom as the main themes, this poem will have you understanding the relevance of the writing 100 years later. 
  • A Dream Within A Dream: One of the most controversial figures in literary history, Edgard Allen Poe wrote this poem as only he could: complex and critical. Basically, he talks about a dream state that he floats on, and yet still struggles through. 
We hope you get the chance to read this poems and spark that love for poetry that our society so desperately needs. As always, stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

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