Hey there,
Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there. Before we start off on today’s Sunday Letter, have you read the Story of my Two Fathers?
If you have not, you might wanna do that. But not right away of course, after you read this one. Story of my 2 Fathers was the first Sunday Letter to get an overwhelming amount of response from our readers, so its close to my heart. 
But today's edition is no less, so I hope you are relaxed on your couch or your bed, with a Dohful cookie in one hand (wishful thinking?) and your phone in the other, reading this week’s Sunday Letter
And I hope I can do justice to these moments that I’m asking you to give to me. Well, let's find out, shall we?
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So basically we have been thinking about ways to meet you guys for a long time now. Even if it's 2-3 people at a time, we love the opportunity of sitting down face to face with you guys and talking to you about what you think about Dohful, how we should be improving, and what we should not be changing at all, etc. etc.  
So a few days ago, we put out a call on our Instagram page, for all the Dohful fam members of Delhi NCR, asking them to join us for a meetup in our office on Saturday i.e. yesterday.  
Honestly, I didn’t know what should I be expecting in terms of the turnout. But having done the meetup yesterday, I can say that it was perfect! 
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To make it exciting for the people who were coming for our meet-up, we decided to a tasting of THREE new cookie flavors we had been trying out recently - Lemon Curd Cookie, Cranberry & Dark Chocolate Cookie, and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cookie.  
Plus we also kept a few of our existing flavors like Yin & Yang Chocolate, Choco Chunk, Choco Brownie and Tri-Chocolate Ombre on the table, for those who'd like re-kindle old romances. 
Combine all of this with a new product of ours - All Day Granola and some Iced Coffee, and I think we had a winner meet-up menu, what do you say?
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The moment we posted about the meet-up, the Google Forms entries started flowing in and we actually had to put a hard stop on the number of entries. 
Because our office has limited space only and we really wanted to converse and interact with every single person who walked through our door, instead of just having a tasting session.  
But before I go on any further, I want to thank every one of the 16 people who graced us with their presence yesterday, making our little event a success.  
I was actually blown away by the people who came up to meet us yesterday and I loved speaking to each one of them. 
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We were joined yesterday by a working professional from Bangalore, a pastry chef (in fact 2-3 of them), and one hot kitchen chef (that was actually educational for me, she makes hot dishes like Pasta etc., and hence called a hot chef).  
A brand manager of a major chocolate brand, a couple of Marketing professionals, a recent graduate who's now an intern with a startup, and a lot more. A truly mixed bunch, in all respects.  
We even had someone from the LGBTQIA community who suggested we do something for Pride Month.
And the conversation just flowed freely. We talked about Dohful, our story, how we started, our future plans, and so on before moving on to general topics like MBA, Sales jobs, Psychology, and so on. At one point, people were telling parts of our story to each other and that actually made me smile from ear to ear.  
To know that they cared about us so much to actually remember our story and share it with others.
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I always believe that good food can bring even the most different people together. And I saw a teeny tiny hint of that yesterday.  
But the best part was that everyone loved the cookies we put out for tasting. The new as well as the old ones. And the best-loved of this lot was a cookie probably you guys won't be able to guess. Can you?
Hit that reply button and tell us which cookie you think would have received the most love out of the three new flavors we were trying - Lemon Curd, Cranberry & Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate cookie.  
And while you are at it, also tell me, which one these do you want us to launch next?
till next time,
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