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Will I make it in music? Should I stop?
How many times have you asked yourself - or someone else - one or both of those questions, First name / friend?
Guess what. “Will I make it in music?” is a trick question. Because the real question is - what's your definition of “making it”? 
If it's winning a job in a top 10 orchestra, then your chances of making it are small. Not impossible - but small. We knew that already. 
What else defines “making it”? 
A whole heck of a lot of things. Contributing to the world through music whether as a chamber musician, gigging musician, teacher, arts admin rock star, recording engineer, historian, professor, adjunct professor, writer, critic, instrument maker, executive, we mean… the options are endless. 
How about adopting the mindset that you will make it - because you'll make it work
Get empowered to carve your path. No one else is going to do it for you - although there are lots of people that can help. 
To a week of making it! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

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An important reframing!
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