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Dear Camp People,
After months of searching and interviewing, the summer staff arrived at camp at the beginning of June. These young adults give their all every day as they make camp a place of belonging and spiritual growth. Some have just graduated from high school, some are college students, some are actively working in our communities. All have gone through weeks of training and are prepared to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our campers. During our training time, Bishop Anne and the Synod staff joined us for a worship service to comission these emerging leaders for their summer ministry. Thanks to our Camp People for praying for our summer staff. You can be very proud of this year's team!
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If you want to support these amazing staffers, we'd love to invite you to come volunteer at camp. All three sites are welcoming volunteers this summer, and tasks include dessert baking, grilling, assisting with check-in/check-out, and cleaning camp up at the end of the week. The time you put in helping with the work of camp gives our young adults a chance to rest and recharge before their next intense week of ministry. See more and sign up here:
Confirmation Camp
The first sessions of summer are filled with our Confirmation campers. Instead of signing up as individuals, churches send groups of their Confirmation students to experience camp together. For some, it's the beginning of their journey. For others, it's the end of their Confirmation experience. Many congregations also send their pastor or other Confirmation leaders to be part of this camp with their kids. It's always a joy to see our Synod clergy jump right in!
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At the beginning of summer, we also welcome our oldest campers to Leader-in-Training camp. The first week of the summer, they experience the fun of camp while also learning how to share it with younger campers. To get the most comprehensive experience, they travel to all three Crossways sites and experience a little of everything we have to offer. They will return for a week later in the summer to serve alongside our staff. Not all will go on to join summer staff in the future, but they all gain practical leadership skills and grow in their faith.

At Crossways, we love Camp People -- the donors, advocates, and supporters who make this mission possible. Because of you, we are bringing people together in Christ, so that lives are changed and communities enhanced


Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

executive director