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It's here… the official relaunch of our YouTube channel (!!!!), a couple of lessons we're learning these days, and a special student spotlight from our branding course!
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What's New at Chez Núñez
We're officially relaunching our YouTube channel! And here's the first video!
To kick off this relaunch, we’re sharing a bit about ourselves with a fun round of 20 questions. Pull up a chair at our dining table and enjoy our random chat about things like childhood aspirations, favorite foods, dream vacations, etc. We hope you find it entertaining!
Our goal for the summer is to release a weekly video every Friday. So please keep us accountable if you want to see more! We’re planning to offer a mix of branding education, tutorials, and personal content on our channel.
Have a suggestion or idea for a video?! Feel free to share it with us! We’d love your input to help shape this page since, ya know, it’s all for you. ;)
What We're Learning
in life and business
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As we mentioned in June's newsletter, our biggest goal for the summer of 2022 is to focus more time and energy on learning – professionally and personally.
And as we've been slowing down to read more books, talk to people we admire and cast a refined vision for the future, we thought it would be sweet to share a couple of the broad lessons that we're currently learning. Maybe they'll be an encouragement to you wherever you're at.
Here are both of our answers: 
Jesús: "Turn your ‘loss’ into ‘lessons’ by asking more questions."
Reliving my life in hindsight a lot of times can make me feel regretful when the outcome wasn't what I wanted. And, if I'm being vulnerably honest, the last few months have been humbling for me as I've been taking time to pause and reflect on the past.
I like referring to "failures" as "lessons." I prefer not to call them "failures" because I gain something from a lesson. Rather than lose and feel defeated, I win.
I'm relearning that in order for me to grow, I MUST embrace my discomfort: I have to 1) acknowledge my personal responsibility in whatever outcome (without guilting myself too hard LOL) and 2) embrace that I lack some knowledge or skillset. What's remarkable is that I realize the more I ask, the more opportunities I have to learn. And by not avoiding that discomfort and acknowledging my lack, it's inspired me to close the gap between what I do and don't know.
I've honestly been loving embracing this attitude because I've allowed myself to learn a lot. And I love it.
Anna: "Slow progress is still progress."
This one's a lesson that I'll probably spend my whole life learning – but it's been especially prevalent this year as we've faced unexpected challenges, changes in plans, and things that I tend to wish I could press the fast forward button on.
For context, I'm notoriously quite critical of myself. I'm sure I'm not alone there. I usually set high bars and big goals, and if I'm not doing what feels like "enough" on any given day (or things aren't going as I planned), it's generally pretty easy to judge my progress in ways that I would NEVER imagine judging a friend.
I know this isn't very healthy; I'm actively working on it. And putting more focus on embracing slow progress has been a huge means of encouragement for me in the process of seeking growth in this area of my life.
When I can remind myself that tomorrow isn't promised, I feel more grateful for the present moment or day. I'm learning that the pace of our progress really doesn't matter as long as we're regularly showing up for our goals and just trying our best. And we must remember at the end of each day that our best is good enough.
Branding Blueprint Student Spotlight
Meanwhile, in the world of our branding course for artists…
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A few months ago, we launched our signature branding course for artists, The Branding Blueprint. Since then, we've had the honor and JOY of walking an amazing group of students through the steps required to build intentional, cohesive, stunning new branding to back their businesses and propel their dreams.
We've seen students go from confusion to clarity, creative blocks to fresh inspiration, and perfectionism to progress – and they've arrived on the other side of the course with legit branding that has completely blown the two of us away!!
Today we wanted to share the first of many BB student spotlights (because we're just so dang proud of our people).
Meet Ulka of Rysulka! Ulka is a kindhearted, talented illustrator based in Ghent, BE. We asked about her experience with the Branding Blueprint course and here's what she said: 
"I've been enjoying the creative process of crafting my branding so much, but I let my perfectionism ruin the fun a little bit... This is when I decided to join the Branding Blueprint and I'm SO HAPPY I did! I rediscovered how much I love illustrating and designing AND created a beautiful branding for my creative business. Cheers to Chez Núñez for motivating and inspiring me when I needed it the most!"
And here's the branding she created! To see more of Ulka's work, you can find her on IG here.
Are you tired of putting your business dreams on the back burner in the name of perfectionism? Our Branding Blueprint course has your back! We'll help you build an intentional brand that makes you feel so legitimate that you can hardly wait to show it off. Doors re-open this September!
Thank you for spending this time with us today!
Wishing you a joyful and inspiring month ahead.
– Anna + Jesús


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