First name / Friend, here at Arwani Law Firm we like to engage in discussions about the most recent research done about family matters. As of recent, we discussed a study done by marriage and family scholar Carlfred Broderick on what he calls “transitional character.” According to Broderick, a transitional character is a person, who, in a single generation, changes the entire course of a lineage. He does mention the fact that it can be either for good or for ill. Usually though, it is referring to individuals who grow up in an abusive, emotionally destructive environment and who somehow find a way to metabolize the poison and refuse to pass it on to their children. They break the mold. It is refreshing to see or hear about individuals who say, “It stops with me”. They want to bring the stability to their children in a way they did not understand growing up themselves. Furthermore, Broderick and other researchers mention that there are 7 steps to become a transitional character in your family. Please see below: 
1. See yourself as a transitional character.
2. Imagine your posterity.
3.Marry someone from an intact family.
4.Be intentional!
5. Distance yourself from toxic relationships.
6. Surround yourself with positive examples.
7. Hold fast to your goal by regularly reading things geared towards helping you become a better husband/wife and father/mother.
Follow these steps and you can become that transitional character in your family! Thank you and stay safe. 

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