Hey hey!
Do you ever feel like you're just not doing enough in your homeschool? 🙋‍♀️
I totally get it! I often scratch my head, wondering how I can fit it all my to-dos for the day PLUS homeschooling.
And if I let that train of thought continue - yikes! I start worrying about all sorts of stuff, especially if we're covering enough in our homeschool.
One of the reasons that my boys & I started our homeschool adventures was to make sure they were getting the best education for them. Like, pick curriculum & resources that works for them - not against. And, of course, helping my boys experience that learning can be fun 😊
As my boys get older, I also want to provide them with ways to become independent learners, explore interests, build strengths, & work through struggles.
Basically, there's a lot that flies through my head when I'm having one of those overwhelm moments lol!
Can you relate?
Because the thing is I really do want to give my boys more in their homeschool experiences. But, I don't always have the time, energy, or brain power to do it 😉
I've stumbled upon an amazing way for my boys to boost learning & explore interests AND I don't have to do a thing
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In a nutshell, Education Perfect is an online platform that has 40,000 lessons, experiments and topics your children can pick and choose. Some really cool things about it are:
  • Dash - game option at the end of each section for homeschool kids safely compete against each other from all around the world (fun way to reinforce what they've learned + practice timed activities)
  • 9 different foreign languages to pick from
  • Music theory
  • Core subjects (Math, Science, History (+ Geography), English & Literature - one of my boys just started Shakespeare Studies!)
  • Psychology (my Senior will be working on this one)
  • FREE 15-minute live demonstration to learn all about Education Perfect and how you can best use it with your kids

Sending you learning fun vibes!


P.S. Make sure to check out Education Perfect & give that 30-Day free trial a spin to see how it can help you safely & easily give your kids more in your homeschool - without extra work for you!

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