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As a valued customer of ours we would like to provide more value to YOU each month. That could be from monthly sales @ the 5C Home Store, floral design updates, events happening within your community, featured recipes, to updates within the housing market. A full collection of all things going on to keep you in the know for the month ahead. 
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“Jorden, you are a literal earth angel lol. Thank you so much for your hustle and work ethic, I doubt we would've gotten this far, this fast without you”
—April S.
Lender Note
Worried About Interest Rates Rising?
"With rates on the rise many buyers are concerned if its still a good time to buy, but the market is shifting. With less and less multiple offers we are starting to see more of a normal market. Meaning you won't be needing to offer so high over list price just to get an offer accepted. With that said rates are still historically low and this shift is giving buyers some power back. At the end of the day most people want a specific monthly payment and even with a higher interest rate that is still possible. Plus you don't have to be stuck with that rate forever as a refinance is always a possibility in the future."    - Daniel Anderson
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