Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump

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For the first week of our un-slump, we are kicking things off by exploring the prompt, “new”! Let's get started! (If you missed the Week 0 emails, please take a look--you can find them in the PDF Library.)


When I'm using a prompt I start off by asking myself:
How do I want to interpret it and how do I want to apply it to my mediums/tools?
Sometimes, I get an idea immediately that sparks a ton of excitement and I know that's what I want to do! Other times, it can take a bit longer and I'll brainstorm (usually in my head but feel free to write things down) until I come across an idea I feel connected to.
Below are more questions to help you decide how you want to interpret “new” and apply it this week:
  • Does “new” evoke any particular feelings for you?
  • What colors/shapes/textures comes to mind when you think about this word?
  • Anyone have supplies that are still new and unused? This might be the perfect time to finally crack 'em open!
  • On the flip side do you have really old supplies that you haven't touched in forever? You're a different person now than when you last used it--rediscover it with the new perspectives you have.
  • Or is there something old that you can breathe new life into? (Ex: Take an old piece of work and use it to create something new--turn it into a collage, glue it in your sketchbook and paint over it, break it up and reassemble it, etc.)
  • Do you always reach for the same tool? What's a new way you can use it? Can you use a different part of it instead--the other end, the lid, etc.? (Ex: Paint brush- instead of strokes try stippling. Or turn the brush around and use the handle to apply paint.)
  • What new technique/medium/tool have you always wanted to try?
  • What's something new you've been exposed to? It can be food, music, art, an experience, a place, movie, etc. Is there hidden inspiration there for you to uncover?

After coming up with some ideas, I encourage you to pick one path to explore so that you can spend time focusing and getting immersed in it. I also think this makes it less overwhelming! 
Decide how you'll approach it throughout the week. Having a focused start and not taking on too much is a good place to begin!
Example: I'm going to be working with gouache for the first time! I'm planning on spending 1 day playing with it on my own, 1 day learning techniques, and 1-2 days trying out a tutorial. Don't forget you can mark the days on this calendar! (Thank you Allison for the tip on where to get the paints! :))

I really like the idea of not being affected by outside influences when it comes to our creativity, especially when we first begin. It keeps us more open minded and less restricted. We can listen to our gut, tune into our intuition, and put our own spin on it! Try not to watch YouTube or find posts about it on social on your first day. Create on your own first and see what happens. This is also the reason why I'm not including too many visual examples just yet. Those will be added to the check-in emails :) The only thing I DO google sometimes are the properties of a medium like how long it takes to dry or what NOT to do with it.
If during the brainstorming process you come up with a bunch of ideas, jot them down for later!
Try using 1 page in your sketchbook for the entire week and layer onto it or fill in as many pages as this prompt inspires you to!
it's OK to change your mind half way through the week or end up in the opposite direction. Go with what you feel, follow where your ideas take you!

When you decide what you'll be doing, hit reply and let me know. I'd love to share it in Wednesday's check-in! Feel free to send me any photos too--if I get them by Tues AM PST, I will include them as well. Don't forget to tag me if you're sharing on social (and always, no pressure to do that--we are creating for ourselves, first and foremost!)
Have fun with our first prompt!! I can't wait to see what you create!
Talk to you on Wednesday,
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Music has always been a huge inspiration for me!
Each week I'll be sharing some songs with you that remind me of the prompt. I hope you enjoy.
Dragonfly, Stillwater Soundtrack Kishi Bashi & Toby Chu 0:49
Beautiful Day U2 4:03
Feel Again OneRepublic 2:57
Bonus: Jack Johnson has new music out!
Meet The Moonlight 5:01 & One Step Ahead 3:20

PS: I had a draft email with all my notes of things I wanted to include for week 1 that I've been adding to for several weeks. When I went to open the draft up and get my notes, a huge chunk of it WASN'T THERE. Either it didn't save or got accidentally deleted somehow. My first reaction was Noooo…! But then I thought how fitting it was that this happened and I now have a new start and get to being again. Sigh lol. But everything I wanted to include is in here and I'm happy with how it turned out! It also made me appreciate making tangible non-digital art--there's no un-do button but you can't accidentally delete or forget to save it! :)

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