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August 2022
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It Feels Like Summer!
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All my local walks seem to end with a dip or a swim at the moment!
(This one was in Falmouth.)
Hey First name / my lovely!
How are you? Isn't this summer just amazing? I love, love, LOVE all the sunshine and the heat  - it really does feel like summer to me. What have you been up to?
I've been in a real slump since my stint leading the Women's End2End Relay (over a month ago now), hence the radio silence. Post hiking/adventure depression is a real thing. I've been demotivated, confused about life and where I'm headed, unable to see any way around difficult ‘life obstacles’ and trying hard to drag myself out of a horrible, debilitating low mood before it takes a deep dive. Enter sea swimming.
I've discovered that a dip in the sea after a walk is invigorating and lifts my mood more than I ever expected. I've made no bones about the fact that I hate the cold and used it as an excuse to avoid getting in for years. (I used to love swimming.) But watching friends on Instagram, all around the country, smiling from ear to ear after a wild swim made me give it a re-think. And it's working. My mind is waking up, I'm thinking more creatively, and, crucially, planning a few hiking things for the next few months.
On reflection, not having something else to look forward to after an event that left me on such an unexpected high, was a glaringly obvious mistake. Lesson learnt - and hopefully one I can pass on to you.
If you're off for a hike or an exciting adventure make sure you have something else lined up afterwards. It doesn't have to be big of course (other times, after a national trail hike for example, I've scheduled in some local long-distance day hikes - sadly it didn't work this time round), but maybe something a little different than you'd normally do will keep the endorphins flowing. 
I've put some things in place for the next few weeks now, so the positive vibes are beginning to wash over me again, but more on that in a bit - there are a few things I'd like to share with you first!

New On The Blog
Pinch me! Did this really happen? Yep! 180 miles, 10 days. Groups of inspiring women, the kindness of strangers, new friends and phenomenal coastal scenery from Land's End to Barnstaple.
Pop over to the blog to see pictures of the glorious north Cornwall and Devon coast, and read about my imposter syndrome!

Inspiring Reads
My bookshelves are groaning so I promised myself I'd do some re-reading and finally get around to the ‘pass-alongs’ that friends thought I might enjoy (and I thought I wouldn't) that have sat there for years - all in a bid to save money. (I don't like library books, unless they're for research, because quite frankly, I don't like giving them back!)
So that's what I've been doing for the last 6 weeks, but I read 4 books in 10 days recently and realised I'd had enough. It was time to throw caution to the wind and buy 2 books that I've wanted to read for aaaages! 
3 Stripes South by Bex Band, and Unlost by Gail Muller
I highly recommend them!
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Bex tells the story of her first ever hike, a thru-hike on the 1000 km Israel National Tail (not a trail I'd even heard of) which led her to set up the 
Love Her Wild women's adventure community.
And then, of course, there's the inimitable tale of Gail's transformative solo hike on the 2000+ mile Appalachian Trail. I've followed Gail on Instagram from her early days so it was brilliant to read how her eventful journey unfolded… 
Get down to your local book shop and enjoy some inspiring summer reading - just don't ask to borrow mine!
Follow Gail and Bex on Instagram:

My Next Hike
I hoped to hike the Pembrokeshire Coast Path national trail this summer but it doesn't look like it's going to happen (thanks to the usual financial worries and a very bleak-looking winter ahead). It's been hard to accept, and a big contributory factor to my low-mood.
It's not just this particular trail; no more national trail hikes this year means I'm only one trail closer to my goal of solo hiking all the UKs national trails before I hit the big 60. (I hiked The Ridgeway National Trail in May, which means I've still got 9 to go.) Time's disappearing fast and I don't know how to turn it around right now.
The South West Coast Path - South Cornwall Section (Again!)
In the mean time, I've decided to hike the south coast of Cornwall again from Land's End to Plymouth (157 miles). There's a certain ‘rightness’ to it since I hiked the whole of the north coast again as part of the relay. And it does mean I can bring you a far more up to date guide to the South West Coast Path national trail! 
Also, I'm wondering about changing it up and the possibility (and practicality) of blogging from the trail every day… would that be something you'd enjoy reading? Let me know - drop me an email :)
Anyway, I plan to head off in a week or so, so I best get my arse in gear!
And There's This!
I'm taking my son to Dartmoor in early September to do a Silver NNAS navigation award together. It's a 2-day accredited course and if I pass (I know I'm at this level, but I hate assessments so it's by no means a given!) I think there might be another opportunity to be had… If it goes well and I pass I'll tell you what could come next!

Right, time for me to get out of your hair (and your inbox)! Thanks for reading, have a fantastic weekend First name / my lovely and here's to next time (hopefully not so long!)
Happy walking and hiking
Much love

Stephie x

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