Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump


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Week 0 was all about prepping for the un-slump and getting warmed up! Here's what that looks like for me and a few more tips:
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Workspace: It's a spot on my desk between my printer and supplies. It's not that big but it's enough and gets good lighting!
Sketchbook & Supplies: I'm trying to use what I have including this Etcher Sketchbook which was gifted to me a year ago that I haven't used yet! 
SSUS Calendar: To help carve out time for our creative practice, I made a calendar for us! It includes each week of the un-slump (color coded) as well as a section for notes. I thought we could use it to pencil in the days and times we want to dedicate to this practice!
I'm starting off with a flexible schedule: 1 weekend day + 3 weekdays, before noon. I'll mark the days on my calendar but in case I need to swap, that's OK. This is just something to start off with and a visual reminder!
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Finding Time: can feel challenging but I read about a creative who works on her sketchbook while waiting for something to heat up in the microwave! Are there little pockets of time you that work for you?
Warm Up Exercise: Have you made your mark yet (don't overthink it, just do it :))? The color pink popped into my mind when I was getting ready to do mine so I used a dry brush and applied some pink acrylic paint onto my sketchbook. 
Here's what Olive (left, green) and Tyra (right, blue) created for their first marks! I really like the placement and shape of Olive's. Tyra had been wanting to try the plastic wrap/marker/water technique and took this opportunity to do that:
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I love seeing what you make and inspiring each other! Always feel free to hit reply and send a photo (let me know if it's OK to share in a future email or if it's just between us). If you're posting on IG/TikTok (no pressure to!) please tag me @atiliay and use #ssus2022 so I don't miss it!
Week 1 starts this Friday, 7/8, and I can't wait to share the first prompt with you!
Talk to you then!
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