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We, Ixi, Tiffany and Ted, are together in Cincinnati right now! 😍 
We’re balancing work and fallow time — something the NYTimes describes beautifully: 
"Fallow time is necessary to grow everything from actual crops to figurative ones"—like writing, like any work, says writer Bonnie Tsui. "We need to rest, to read, to reconnect. It is the invisible labor that makes creative life possible."
As much as it can be hard to fit it in, or for however much guilt we may feel for taking it, downtime is a part of creative life - not apart from it. 
The other thing that has felt so restorative this week is talking to each other about our ideas, no matter how outlandish, in a space that is supportive and full of excitement. Yes, of course we also talk on the phone and on Zoom, but it’s different in person! There’s less of a time crunch and it’s easier to pick the conversation up and down and iterate on ideas.
Then there’s food. Bonding over the making and eating of food is the most glorious of activities!! It feels so nice to share a meal, a conversation, and… dessert!!! 🍨  We made 2 types of homemade ice cream this weekend and oh MY - if you like chocolate ice cream, may we recommend this recipe?! We skipped the mint and the cookie additions and just made the chocolate base. So. Delicious. 
And while it has been special for the three of us to hang out… guess who else we got to see?! Some of our Music360 family that we’ve only known through little boxes on Zoom. It was SO awesome to meet these humans in person and hug them!
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The community that is possible to create online continues to astound us, but get ready, because we are committed to also providing an in-person experience for all of you where we do all the things: eat amazing food, move, practice, make websites, and explore how you want to contribute to the world. 
The point of all of this? Find your tribe! 
Find a friend or a group of friends, mentors or peers that will listen to your ideas, dreams, your wants and your worries. It makes the hugest difference to be surrounded by people that you trust to be honest and supportive. And, it feels so hopeful to know you’re working towards contributing to the world with people by your side. 
Find more people to walk with. We need it, now more than ever.
We hope you're soaking in the summer! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 
ps: Happy 4th if you're celebrating this year! A lot of you probably have concerts, or maybe you're BBQing by a lake with friends and family. Whatever you're doing, we hope you have a great day! 
pps: One of our other favorite recipes of the week!? Chia seed pudding! 1 cup almond milk, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, 4 tablespoons of chia seeds. Put it all in a jar and shake it vigorously, and then shake off and on for another about 5 minutes whenever you walk past the jar again. Put in the fridge overnight. So good! Tempting to turn this into a food blog… 😉 

Anatomy of a Musician 💜 
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Ways to regulate different emotions
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