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It's (almost) 
Next month is a big month around these parts! 🎉
In August, Liberated Development turns 3! 
(And I turn 20 + 20 + something else something! 😉 lol)
As an early happy birthday, I just received a bit of news that I’m excited to share with you just below. I also have a few resources and updates, and a spotlight share that also doubles as a way to help me celebrate in August! 
Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!
 You are appreciated!
And if there are things you’re interested in seeing (or want to share) here, please continue to let me know. I will keep being intentional about making this worth the inbox space it takes!💥 As always, short and sweet… take a few minutes to check it out. 
in pursuit of liberation,
PS:😎Summer is moving fast; I hope you’re able to slow down a tad to enjoy it. 

In  Action…
Over the last few weeks, I’ve had countless conversations with partners ("clients") from different organizations who are feeling stuck and trapped because of what’s unspoken or unaddressed in the workplace. While each of these partners is from a different type of organization with varied team sizes and organizational cultures, the “stuckness” of how to say “the thing” has been consistent across all. 
In some cases someone on the LD side has coached clients in saying the thing, and in other cases, we’ve joined in on conversations in an effort to support the flow of dialogue once “the thing” is said. In each of these cases, I’ve found three things to be true:
  1. People want to make the convo comfortable. It won’t be.
  2. People want to know what will happen on the other side of the convo. You won’t.
  3. People want to ensure the other person understands them. That’s not guaranteed.
Sorry I don't have better news here🤷🏾‍♀lol! Our goal in supporting folx in saying “the thing” isn’t to get them to a point where it’s easy, but to get them to a point where it’s possible. When we hold on to what we know we need to give voice to, we disconnect ourselves from our truth. Layer on being a leader, and you’re now leading inauthentically. Leading from a place of non-truth. 
If you have “a thing” you need to share/say for the betterment of your leadership and/or your organizational culture, here are 7 Tips I often walk through when supporting folks to “say ‘the thing’ .”
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*Source: A Toolkit For Centering Racial Equity Within Data Integration, by Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, 2020.
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