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Hello First name / Lovely
I thought about sending a quick July top-five, and then I realized we have way too much going on both behind the scenes & in the spa for a quickie email.
Let's start with the behind-the-scenes stuff, we have a new booking system, and before you roll your eyes and think, great now, I have to figure out a new platform.....I promise it is super easy, and you will love it. Like our other system, it will ask for CC to confirm your booking. All payments for services will be made in the spa.
This new system will allow us to streamline all our offerings, including our online store. We will be transitioning from the Shopify platform into a store embedded in our site, meaning you won't have to leave our website to shop. This doesn't mean it will happen overnight, and there will probably be a few hiccups, but we will do our best to make this a seamless process! In the beginning, you might get two different confirmations as we close out one system and transition into the next.
Now on to all the fun stuff!! We will be hosting our first outdoor event on the property next week. Our July Full Moon event has four spots left if you want to join us. We have also partnered with Spirit Country Wellness Farm to bring you a giveaway! Purchase a ticket to our July or Aug Full Moon event for a chance to win a one-night stay at Country Spirit Wellness Farm just outside of Pairs.