I'm finishing this newsletter on the train on my way back to Perak to celebrate Aidiladha this weekend with my grandparents. I decided to go back early to avoid unnecessary traffic. Plus, I haven't been back in over a month since my trip to Germany.
Perak here I come!
A brief recap from June, it was pleasant. I had a good month. I hope the same for you. It's enjoyable to catch up with old friends and meet new people. If you follow me on Instagram, you've most likely seen the snippets through my stories. Thanks for following, comments and loves!  
Anyway, I spent a lot of time walking around KL last month. I must say that free public transportation is hugely advantageous to my wayfinding. You still have time to enjoy the free ride until 16 July. 
To be honest, by using public transport, I've experienced things I've never seen before. It feels good to go from station to station and unclock so many memories you never knew existed but it actually did! I'm not just talking about cafe hopping, though that's probably a great motivation to explore the nooks and crannies of KL's unknown streets. 
Here are some photos I took in the vicinity of Chow Kit, Petaling Street, Bukit Bintang and Merdeka Square areas. I also visited Kajang, a 30-kilometer-away city from the bustling city. It's an old town with rustic and antique charms. It's nice ambience.
I'll probably spend next week exploring Ipoh and Penang. Depending on my availability. But I'm hoping to make it to Penang. The Georgetown Festival is currently underway. Fly or drive there if you have the time. It's worthwhile to check out the festival.
Guys, I have a quick question for you. Have you travelled from Miri to Brunei? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.
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Some shots I took around Kuala Lumpur near Bukit Bintang and Merdeka Square.
That iconic yellow facade near Petaling Street. 
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Special shout out to Kajang town. 
Explore this vintage town from Kuala Lumpur using MRT. It's the cheapest way to commute. Get off at Stadium Kajang station and walk your way around the city. Don't forget to eat Satay Kajang. Yum!

Any purchase from today throughout the weekend will be shipped next Monday 11 July. Thank you for your patience.