Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump


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How's Week 1 going so far? I hope you're enjoying this prompt and what it's inspired! If you haven't started yet, THAT'S OK! Don't feel like you can't start now--it's always a good time to begin! 
At the top/bottom of each of these emails, there's a link to the Prompt Library in case you missed an email or want to refer back to one. They are there for you whenever you need them.

My intention for sharing from our community is to highlight our different perspectives! It's so interesting to me to see how others approach this and where they draw inspiration from. You might also learn about a new tool or technique (I did!) that you'll want to try. Below are words & images from all parts of the process from our fellow un-slumpers! if you click on a creative's name, it'll take you to their social media account or site.

TYRA has been loving abstract crowd pieces lately and had been wanting to try it out but kept getting anxious she'd mess it up! This is the week she tries it! She'll also be taking a lot of old art supplies and turning them into a new piece. She knew it'd be a busy week so she took an evening to get the background and base layer done so that it'd be easy to work on during the week--whenever she has free time, she'll draw out the human shapes over it.  I love this approach!

EB had never used a gelli plate before and tried it for the first time! Here's a look at how their collage is evolving as more colors and mediums are added. It reminds me of being in the woods and being surrounded by different textures and tones!

QUINNY changed his project from painting to quilt applique after reading about the prompt--it's something new he's always wanted to try! Quinny will be using a piece of white cotton fabric to mimic a page of a scrapbook--so creative!

SEBASTIAN is finally touching his new unopened washi tapes for a tactile piece he's creating! He's illustrating chopsticks and letting them fill the page. What sparked the idea was this beautiful chopsticks shelf at a restaurant he went to recently:

MELISSA bought Neocolors last summer and hadn't touched them--this week that's what she'll be using!

IDA is getting inspired by new surroundings and trying out new combinations of techniques (left image below with the lovely bird.)
VANESA created acrylic abstracts using a gelli plate (right image above w/ dark rich colors)

I've been painting with gouache (pronounced gwaash--the first time I heard it I was so surprised that's how you say it lol) this week and playing around with it on my own! I started by testing out all the colors and how they react to water. Then I did a small painting on my own (inspo pic from UnSplash by Nica Cn) and I left the other side of the page blank. Today and tomorrow I'll be doing some research and plan on filling in the other side of my page with a painting using what I've learned!

I hope you're enjoying Week 1 so far! It's been so awesome seeing all the different directions this prompt is taking you and the variety within the projects.
Wherever you are in the process, keep creating and exploring!
See you Friday for the next prompt!
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PS: Sketchbook pages/paper pads can be odd measurements sometimes. If you think you might want to frame something you're making, before you begin, draw a pencil outline that will fit a standard sized frame- 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14--and work within that. It's so much easier to start off this way then have to (sadly) trim off some of your artwork later!

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