Hey there,
Someone recently told me, every time I receive a Sunday Letter, I am hoping that you are announcing a new cookie! 🤣
So if you also share this sentiment, well, this Sunday Letter is just for you. 
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If there is one cookie flavour that we have been wanting to launch ever since forever it is a Biscoff cookie. And we tried it a multiple number of times over the last few months before landing on to our current version. 
When we first thought of launching a Biscoff flavoured cookie we thought of it in a way of being a chocolate cookie filled with Biscoff. That's where we began. 
And it was good. Not bad at all, but nothing to write home about too. 
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Plus we already have two great chocolate cookies - Choco Brownie Cookie and Yin Yang Cookie that are distinct, unique and mind blowing-ly amazing! 
This one seemed like an oomph! was missing somewhere. Like chocolate & biscoff were both great flavours but cutting out each other in the cookie instead of coming out beautifully. 
Anyway, we knew we had to keep going. So started all over again. This time we made a Biscoff flavoured cookie and added chocolate chunks in the dough.
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The  result was similar. Neither chocolate, nor Biscoff was coming out the way we wanted it to.
We realized that maybe these two weren't made for each other. So for the third time, we started from ground zero. 
And finally landed on this cookie that we are launching today - Biscoff Snickerdoodles. Its a brown butter cookie dough filled with Biscoff, and lightly coated with cinnamon.
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The moment I tasted this, I fell in love with this flavour. Its crispy on the outside with all that cinnamon coating, giving it a unique texture that's not there on any of our other cookies! 
Plus its filled with Biscoff making it a real winner! All of it comes together in way that makes me wanna eat this cookie all day long. 
But that's not all that we have for you. We have more surprises
~~ All Biscoff Snickerdoodles are 58-60 g cookies each (really XL cookies)
~~ Biscoff center-filled cookies
~~ 5 cookies in each box 
~~ Priced at just Rs. 399 for a box of 5 cookies (for offers you can check out this link!)
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So what are you doing still here, reading this? Go on and order these ultra delicious, super scrumptious cookies and I can guarantee that you would have not had anything like these anywhere. 
Ohh and did I tell you they pair up beautifully with coffee? 
till next time,
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