I hope your summer is going well, friend!
I'm excited to share with you what i've been up to in the studio.
Studio Newsletter
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 I created the piece shown above and shipped it to Zac in Charleston, 
and it arrived crushed. ๐Ÿ˜ญ  
I re-made it, meticulously repacked it, and sent it again. 
They crushed it again. 
I no longer use Fed-Ex to ship my work! 
I have re-made it again (third total piece) and will be sending it via hand-delivery with a friend down to Charleston this weekend.
Fingers crossed on a safe arrival of this piece for Zac!
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I'm delighted to share with you these renderings of what will be a donor exhibit in the new ArtsCenter in Carrboro!
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Each iridescent acrylic piece will be sold individually and have the donors' name etched into it. Funds raised will go toward renovation costs for the new ArtsCenter location. I am set to begin fabrication on this project in early 2023.
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 I'm dedicated to being ahead of the Holiday game this year! 
Last week's design project was creating this Holiday Card GIF. 
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If you feel like doing me a solid, show this to your marketing manager! 
(Apparently lots of organizations plan these things way in advance)
Aside from being a holiday card, what other use might you see for something  like this? ๐Ÿค”
I'd love to hear your ideas.
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Emily and Jack show off the piece entitled Elemental above! 
This artwork is inspired by Jacks travels. 
It was super fun having them over for a studio visit last month!
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I have been hard at work developing a logo icon for Folded Poetry! 
Below are design iterations.
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I landed on the below design as my final preferred logo. (bottom left) 
It's proportions are informed by the golden section! (bottom right) 
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I created and installed eight diamonds for my friend Liz Schlemmer in June.
(yes, the WUNC reporter)
Her and Starbuck are shown below. 
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Liz preferred organic placement of the forms which we largely coordinated on site. 
I'm accustomed to working in pre-planned rigid geometries.
This was entirely new for me, and a lot of fun.
We both love the way this piece turned out!
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Up Next!
I continue developing a process for creating pulped paper sculptural art forms using cast plaster molds. 
The learning curve is long, and drying times between tries is even longer!
My goal is to refine this process so that I may offer it as a sculptural and acoustical installation art option!
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That's all for now my friends! Thank you for your continued interest in my work!
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