May 27, 2022
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Discover my top tips for finessing with fabric
I adore May and I’m always a little sad at seeing it in my rear-view mirror. It’s the month of blossoms and all things soft pink and bright grassy green.

As I type this, I am reminded of a drapery fabric that we recently installed in a client’s home that ticks all these boxes. Fabric has that ability - to both transform a space and also your outlook and disposition. Even on a cloudy grey day, this room feels fresh and full of possibilities.
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Every space we design starts with fabrics – even if it’s a bathroom or a kitchen where we have a large number of hard finishes, I really love knowing where the softer pieces are coming from and how they will shape and soothe the harder edges.

I am always drawn to textures and pieces that will stand the test of time. I don’t do trends or fast fashion and have always loved the thrill of finding something that will be loved for many years to come.
Fabric finesse
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When we are sourcing fabrics for our client projects it's crucial that they are fit for the intended purpose.

Silk shouldn’t be hung in a sunny south-facing window nor in a kitchen, but it can be beautiful in a more formal room or in a darker space where good lighting can make the silk turn luminous and glow.
Linen you either love or dislike. It can stretch in the summer during periods of high humidity, and it can do the same in a steamy bathroom. It can also shrink in the dry winter months and if the drapes are handled frequently, it can and will crush; but it's truly one of my favourites in all weights and shades. I love the simplistic raw nature of it and liken it to my favourite navy linen trousers that are crushed within five minutes of wearing but wear I do, as they epitomize summer to me.
We love to pair our linen drapes with a tailored grosgrain accent ribbon trim as shown in the photo above. This sunny saffron yellow was the perfect pop!
This month's loves
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This month had me at long last on a plane! It’s been exactly 2.5 years since I last flew and getting my suitcase out from deep storage felt like reconnecting with an old friend – the places we used to go!! 

I went to ICFF in New York for 4 nights. It was a whirlwind of a trip with my gorgeous (designer) friend, miles and miles were logged. It was so lovely to be back, to be immersed in inspiration and gorgeous places and to reconnect with vendors old and new and several friends and allies.

I tried to limit what I was picking up and bringing back – this lasted for approximately 24 hours and then I started to stockpile swatches and metal finishes and all things gorgeous. I came back to couriered boxes of carpets, lighting and wallpaper samples and my cell phone and head bursting with inspiration. 

This month’s loves are heavy on what I saw, where I dined and what I am looking forward to placing orders for very soon. There was a French thread running through a lot of what we ate and saw and so many of the showrooms and restaurants felt like you were in someone’s home. It felt to me, that having our focus and attention shift even more to home over the past few years, that vendors were really digging deep into this connection and I personally loved seeing their interpretations and feeling the flow in their spaces.
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1. La Mercerie, New York 
We were very lucky to dine here one evening. This restaurant is situated in the renowned Roman & Williams Guild – you can literally buy the stemware you are drinking from. The space is beautifully curated, illuminated and designed and features a Phaidon library (so many good books!). They have a beautiful outdoor patio that wraps around two sides of the building. In enviable New York-style, it was being wrapped with decadent greenery and large floral arrangements to provide a very intimate and beautiful outdoor dining experience even with heavy honking New York traffic just steps away.
2. David Mallett, New York
When a friend recommends a salon for a blow-dry, and you find out that it’s owned by the French hairdresser David Mallett you grab an appointment. The fifth-floor salon is beautiful and feels more like a Parisian apartment which was at the core of the design intent – oak herringbone floors, plaster panelling and moulding meet marble countertops and the most discreet and attractive lighting - and it also smells divine! We both had a blow-dry that lasted the duration of our trip – that is a first for me. It was worth every dollar, and it saved me so much precious time in the morning. The salon is located on the top floor of the store The Webster
3. Apparatus Studio, New York 
With his New York apartment featured on the cover of this month’s 
Elle Décor, a trip to New York is never complete unless we visit Apparatus Studio. The studio is in a busy and noisy street and the service elevator is always a little scary but once you walk through the oversized brass door you are completely transported to a different space and time. It smells and sounds delicious, and all the spaces are beautifully curated to showcase their lighting and furniture at their best. It feels like a very large New York apartment with a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and multiple offices, a stunning walled outdoor terrace as well as the workroom where all pieces are fabricated on site.
4. Le Coucou, New York 
Another Roman & Williams designed restaurant – walking through the front doors you are immediately transported to France. The interior design is understated and elegant and the bar area is a regular on Instagram. The food and service were impeccable. Book well in advance and go hungry - you will not be disappointed.  
5. Ewanika, Toronto
As we all dust off our summer wardrobes there are always gaps, my favourite place to go for a refresh, a recently new find from a referral given during lockdown is Ewanika. Trish Ewanika has an amazing eye and curates her findings to create a beautiful aesthetic for your body. Several of the lines are French – my favourite footwear is from Sofie D’Hoore and 
Adieu. Investment pieces that I will treasure for years.
This divine bespoke wallpaper company has that uniquely British style and ethos. Their showroom in New York did not disappoint and their design Kiku stopped me at hello - bold and beautiful. I can see this in a small, curated space such as a home office or in her walk-in closet. It's hand-painted on silk that delivers a beautiful feel and glow. 
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Perfectly sized bouquet of flowers, sourced via Stone Grove on Pinterest, GGI Pinterest Board Green
Green Front Door, sourced via Pinterest, GGI Pinterest Board Exteriors
De Gournay meets Erdem, an utterly winning combination, GGI Pinterest Board Wallpaper
De Gournay meets Erdem a close up
Restful - Interior design Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald. Project portfolio will be on our new website, launching June 30th
Welcoming Family Room - Interior design Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald. Project portfolio will be on our new website, launching June 30th
Sourcing in New York, photography Gillian Gillies
This month’s loves – 1. La Mercerie Restaurant, Soho New York, 2. Le Coucou, New York, 3. David Mallett, New York, 4. Apparatus Studio, New York, 5. Ewanika, Toronto, 6. Fromental Wallpaper, UK
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