March 25, 2022
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Here are my March loves
Comfort has been a resonating theme this month - as I sourced the three header images for this month’s newsletter it didn’t surprise me that they came to me quickly and were a reassuring blend of food, cocooning clothing, and an inviting bedroom.

I write this newsletter normally a week in advance of posting. I write and source all the images and then Lisa, my super talented digital assistant (who has lived in multiple countries since we started working together four years ago, but now resides in her home country of Australia), puts it all together, makes it all look beautiful, adds all the links and sets up the posting.

Things may have changed in the world when you receive this newsletter in your inbox but at the time of writing, this was where we were.

We’ve somewhat emerged from the weight of Covid that has dominated the headlines and our lives for the past two years. Now that has been replaced with the war in Ukraine with millions of people under siege and being displaced. It’s heartbreaking, and most nights as I sit and watch the news, I feel powerless. But I also am seeing the best of humanity - people opening up their homes, sharing their spaces and all that they have with people they can only communicate with through Google Translate.

I see the hot meals, the volunteers, the toys, and mountains of donated clothing. Great good is being done on many small fronts, such as Polish Canadians opening Polish Amazon accounts and shipping personal hygiene products to family members so that they can share them. All these things show and teach us who we really are at our core and, whilst we are firmly in the grip of the horrendous reality that is being faced by so many, I know that good will prevail. One madman and his inner circle does not define who we are. 
Studio happenings
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March was a very busy month; we had two very large installs that each took a week and then we had three photoshoots. There was what felt like a lot of completion and a lot of new beginnings. It was a whirlwind. The image above was taken the week before one of our installs. This beautiful plasterwork is in my client’s kitchen and features magnolia buds and hummingbirds; note the pale blush pink ceiling. Swoon! 

Each of our designs either installed or photographed this month were unique to the client and the home but all featured mohair, velvet, grasscloth and multiple versions of our upholstered drum stools. All these ingredients form the perfect recipe for an inviting and comforting home. 

Two of the photoshoots were for homes that were completed towards the end of last year, shoots had been rescheduled from earlier in the year due to Covid restrictions. Both homes turned out to be supermodels (you know what I mean if you read last month’s newsletter) and I cannot wait to see the finished shots.

The third shoot was for me and my team - new headshots for our soon-to-be new website. It was fun to all have our make-up done; the joys of us all not wearing masks. It’s been a long time since we were all in the same space with naked faces! 

April has us ramping up with two large construction projects and we have some new projects starting. It’s all so incredible and I have pinch-me moments on almost an hourly basis.
This month's loves
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I started to plan for this newsletter as soon as February’s went live and think I may make this a monthly feature.

I am calling it my monthly loves and it can be anything from TV to a store or a hotel, whatever struck me as lovely and then stayed with me throughout the month.
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1. President Zelensky – The man who now holds a place in all of our hearts. He may have been an actor and a comedian, but leading his country from his heart, was surely always his destiny.

2. Smythe – I adore Smythe’s tailoring and have several pieces of their clothing in my wardrobe. My first Smythe purchase was back in 2006 and it’s a jacket that I still wear at least once a month. Their core pieces are timeless wardrobe additions. Since first launching with the mission to help women find the perfect blazer they have now expanded into a full range of clothing. I find their shirts and blouses divine with that impeccable tailoring that their blazers are known for. I also love that they don’t make on mass, if you see something and it's in your size, grab it or else it will be gone. Follow on Instagram for their latest releases! I am so excited that they have opened their first store. Shopping online is ok, but nothing beats that in-person experience and the thrill of finding something unexpected. 

3. The Newt in Somerset – Owned and designed by former Elle Decoration South Africa editor Karen Roos. The Georgian hotel rooms are swoon-worthy as are those in the Farmyard Building. The gardens look incredible and they make their own cider. It's on my must-visit list! When this landed in my inbox last week, I devoured the whole site whilst having my lunch. The Hadspen Garden View Room had me at hello with the green velvet sofa and the beautiful bathroom complete with wood burning fireplace.

4. Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive at the Screen Actors Guild Awards – Hollywood glamour at its finest. 

5. Unforgotten TV Series – If you have Amazon Prime, add BritBox to the mix. This show is worth the subscription alone; gritty British crime telly drama at its best. Nicola Walker is incredible. 

6. Former British Vogue fashion director, Lucidia Chambers, seen in her living room, shot by Kensington Leverne – I love the multiple layers, the curated yet playful and seemingly haphazard mantle décor that includes a sequined penguin, the area carpets and her fabulous, oversized trousers. This screams fun. Check out her digital platform Collagerie

7. Martha Sturdy, Vancouver – for their incredible pieces paired with their impeccable customer service, thank you Beth! 

8. This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm – spring is coming, and this balm is a true miracle worker. I used to ship it in from the UK, then they started to ship direct and now I buy it online – four boxes at a time. It's well-priced and it works like magic. Use every night and your pedicurist will thank you, as will your socks! I buy mine from
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Emeline Hotel, Charleston South Carolina, image from, GGI Pinterest Board Bedrooms
Pappardelle with Basil Pesto, Ricotta & Burrata, image from, GGI Pinterest Board Recipes
Cardigan Coats,, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion
Coffee Table Books, Emeline Hotel, Charleston South Carolina, image from, GGI Pinterest Board Styling. Yes, I guess I am obsessed with this hotel. Also obsessed with the reality of actually booking my first plane ticket in two years!!
Plaster Detail of Hummingbirds & Magnolia’s, Anthony Valin Studios, photo Gillian Gillies
An abundance of hydrangeas, image courtesy of Soane Britain
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