February 25, 2022
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The art of the photoshoot
We are in the thick of rebranding and updating our company website. I last did this in 2018 which seems like a long and very distant time. Back then we were working from my home, not because we feared the outside world, simply because that is where we were, taking over too much of my home. 

Move forward four years, and it’s a whole lot different. 
GGI brand refresh
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So, I decided at the end of last year that it was time for a refresh. It’s a massive undertaking; you interview and hire a web design team but the text, the images, and the image order all need to be agreed on in-house and then sent over to the designers to execute.

It’s a lot like having another design project on the go. It’s exciting and it has made me look at all the touchpoints in my business - you know me, never do anything by halves. So, I have taken a complex project and probably doubled the amount of effort required to bring it all to a beautiful conclusion.

We are planning a May launch and you will be the first to know when all goes live. 
The art of the photoshoot
I started to plan for this newsletter as soon as February’s went live and think I may make this a monthly feature.

I am calling it my monthly loves and it can be anything from TV to a store or a hotel, whatever struck me as lovely and then stayed with me throughout the month.
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I do love seeing our projects through the camera lens, it's always interesting to see which ones are going to be supermodels and steal the show.

Supermodel rooms are the ones that through the lens really shine. The proportions scale well and the lighting is impeccable. There are others which although beautiful in person, don’t suit the camera. Bathrooms can be tricky to shoot; those with an abundance of glass and daylight are really tricky to capture as there is so much reflection bouncing off every surface.

My studio kitchen is gorgeous in person but it’s not a supermodel, there isn’t enough space to back up and get a good room shot. In this case, we take smaller textural shots instead of trying to encapsulate the whole room.

Rooms really are like people and sometimes having a happy wonky smile instead of perfect teeth works to the camera’s advantage. 
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Gone are the days when I style my own projects for shoots, I now hire professionals who style for the camera. They are worth their weight in gold and have taught me so much about placement.

My dream team come armed with boxes of stuff to make every space shine. At the end of the day, my clients are left with a very clean and polished home, with fresh flowers and some new accessories. We always advise that they book a dinner party for that night to take advantage of all that we have done. 

A shoot involves a good old tidy-up, clearing clutter and making space. In these COVID days with installs happening over multiple weeks, most of the rooms have been put to really good use prior to the shoot so we come in and fluff everything back up to its freshly installed glory.

Stuff does tend to accumulate but it’s always interesting for me to see what is piling up where and if a solution can be found to remedy this if it's something my clients would like.

Some of us are filers (we put our stuff away) and some are pilers (we like to see what we have and worry that if we don’t see it, we will forget about it), so it has to work for you. Often filers and pilers live with each other and then the fun really starts!
Sleeping sanctuaries
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One area that I do believe in being clutter / pile free is bedrooms or Sleeping Sanctuaries as I may now refer to them.

I believe bedside tables should be clear of stuff as should dresser tops. I also am not a fan of TVs in bedrooms, but for some, it’s the only place they can peacefully watch what they want to see! 

Linens should be cotton or linen and the bed should be easy to make in the morning. Last year I watched the Nicole Kidman series Nine Perfect Strangers and was totally captivated by the bedlinens. This is the best bed picture I could find online, see below. I just wish Melissa McCarthy was looking a bit cheerier, but it wasn’t a really cheery show!
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The Nine Perfect Strangers beds were perfectly rumpled in that gorgeous way that only linen can provide and the mix of solid colours and textures was divine.

I loved the raw edges on the pillow shams, the textured throws and the fact that things are not a perfectly matched set.

So I set out to source them, they were from Hale Mercantile Co. They ship globally – the supplier is based in Australia, and I have yet to see anything as close to gorgeous as these in North America. The only item I am not a fan of is their bed skirts. I like mine tailored, skimming the floor, whilst theirs are puddling - I feel it's too much. I like a tailored headboard and skirt and then you have rumpled sheets and duvet. All rumpled, all the time, to me is a pickle.
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Oh, how I long to travel and to take my design inspiration on the road again. Here’s hoping that this year I’ll book some flights and actually take them!
Reba, the wonder dog
We have been taking Reba out on mini-hikes (no more than 5 km yet) and she is loving them. She loves being out in nature and is very well behaved when she is not on her leash. We were both slightly terrified the first time we tried this, but she likes to stay in the middle of us and stay close - she was trained really well!
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Emeline Hotel, Charleston South Carolina, image from swoonthestudio.com, GGI Pinterest Board Bedrooms
Pappardelle with Basil Pesto, Ricotta & Burrata, image from urbancookery.com, GGI Pinterest Board Recipes
Cardigan Coats, frankie.com.au, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion
Coffee Table Books, Emeline Hotel, Charleston South Carolina, image from swoonthestudio.com, GGI Pinterest Board Styling. Yes, I guess I am obsessed with this hotel. Also obsessed with the reality of actually booking my first plane ticket in two years!!
Plaster Detail of Hummingbirds & Magnolia’s, Anthony Valin Studios, photo Gillian Gillies
An abundance of hydrangeas, image courtesy of Soane Britain
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