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Hope you had a great weekend. Here are 4 little snippets that seem obvious… but are easy to forget! 
#1: Ask not what but when  
We see so many students make big lists of things to do, but fail to do one really important step: schedule a time to do the things on the list! Many of us struggle with committing to a time to do the work. But hardly any of us struggle with coming with with what needs to be done… let's reverse this trend! 
#2: Style solves problems 
The next time you're having a technical issue, REALLY dive deep into the style and meter of what you're playing. So often technical issues lessen when we stop focusing on how to play something and start focusing on what we actually want it to sound like! 
#3: A lack of hope is the enemy of success 
If you're sitting around thinking it isn't possible to achieve your dreams, it's gonna be way harder to achieve them! You need a healthy dose of hope to get where you want to go. If you look for problems, you will find them. Look for possibilities instead. 
#4: Did you know a study from Harvard found that our minds wander 47% of the time?  It can feel like this especially happens in the practice room. Like, 5 minutes after starting… or less. Yikes! You need intention - clarify what you need to do and attention - then focus on what's in front of you with all your senses - in order to start retraining your brain to be mindful! 
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Wondering what's inside? 
Day 1: What acting teaches you about performance [Performance]
Day 2: Assessing your Skills [Business]
Day 3: Endless Possibilities [Career]
Day 4: Lack of Hope + a class with a special guest [Elevation]
Day 5: Own Your Day [Mind Wellness]
Day 6: Breath as a Reset [Body Wellness]
Day 7: Creativity is an Action [Heart Wellness]
One last thing. 
We believe you can do great things. 
Because you can. But you need the right tools and the right people around you. We hope in some way we're helping you find confidence and empowerment on your journey as a musician! 
Get after it this week. Show up. Do good. 
Tiffany (Ixi & Ted!) 
p.s:  Did you know we have a Practice Design Consultation? They help you not only with the WHAT but also the WHEN and HOW in your practice plan. We love helping you optimize all the elements of practice and performing. Click here to check it out! 

FREE EVENT! TUESDAY, JULY 19: Conversation with Sam Rothstein 
Sam is a clarinetist, has started a successful podcast, YouTube channel and more! We're excited to talk to him about finding your passions and voice as a musician today.
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Is the clarinet all I ever learned?
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