Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump


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What surprises have you uncovered so far? How's week 2 going for you? No matter where you are in your process, I hope you're having fun with this prompt!
I also wanted to remind you that if you've been busy or feel a little low-energy (the summer heat always makes me feel more tired), what you decide to do for the un-slump can be small (literally a corner of a page or a few marks) and simple. Our goal isn't to make detailed complicated pieces, it's to take a little bit of action to cultivate our creativity!

I truly enjoy reading about your plans for the prompts and seeing your creations! Here are some of the ways our community is embracing “surprise”!

JOE finally decided to try the paint pull technique he's been obsessed with from IG! It was a nice surprise for him to see all the colors and the negative space revealed! Seeing the process of Joe's piece was so fun and I love the reveal of the quote that he taped off at the end!
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ANGIE continued to push her comfort level this week by focusing less on re-creating/duplicating an image and more on taking inspiration and making her own. It was tough to trust the process but she surprised herself with what she was able to make. I'm loving the perspective with some flowers hiding and others on top of the colorful circles--so beautiful!
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TYRA (BELOW, LEFT) really enjoyed making an abstract collage for week 1 that she is exploring it this week as well! This time she's using it to document how she feels each day (on the same page) using multi-media in one spread. The end result  will be a surprise! I can't wait to see the completed piece!
VANESA (ABOVE, RIGHT) folded and smashed acrylic paint between paper. The results are so fun, the yellow/orange/green piece reminds me of a bird or dragon!

MELISSA will be using an exacto knife to “detail” a page of her sketchbook then apply paint to it, like a stencil, so the paint will go through to the next page. She'll also flip the stenciled page to see how the paint smooshed onto the back of it. She might also add a few other surprises… I'm excited to see how her pages turn out! 

IDA stamped her way through the garden with different leaves and watercolor, mapping them. This material was the surprising part and an unexpected choice for her. I love this mix of imprints and colors!
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It's been a busy week for me so I am trying something that I can easily add to and finish in the next few days. I've never been drawn to coloring as an adult but I tried it not too long ago and was surprised by how relaxing I found it! I decided to create my own coloring page by closing my eyes and drawing lines with a sharpie. Then I'm randomly picking colors/mediums and filling in the spaces. I have no idea how this will turn out so the results will be a surprise!
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Continue to surprise yourself the rest of this week! :)
See you Friday for the next prompt!
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PS: I'm in the process of putting together a gallery of our un-slump images! That way you'll be able to easily see projects from our community including some of the finished pieces that are mentioned in these check-ins! If you'd like to submit a photo(s), please email it to me 
If you're using Instagram, please tag @atiliay #SSUS2022. I'll try my best to include these posts too but if you could email me a photo that would be best! 

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