I was baffled to read and watch about current events while writing this from my home office. Congested air travel, unbearable heat waves, bankruptcy and political unrest, an increase in Covid cases - everything is getting worse by the day. When you think things can't get any worse, they do. To be honest, it's a mixed feeling. I, too, am hoping that things will improve soon.
This newsletter will be brief. Today I was supposed to fly to Ho Chi Minh city. But then something unexpected happened, and I had to cancel my plans. As a result, I'm working from home. But, to be honest, I don't mind working from home. As long as you have everything you need to do your work, you are good to go. Things can get worse during a lockdown, as I recall. That's exactly what happened. But I made it. We are all survivors. This is my optimism affirmation.
If you missed it, in 2020, famous Malaysian photographer Ian Teh photographed my home, also known as #kerolhome. Thoughts I'd like to share some of his stunning photographs with you. It's a privilege to have him photograph my humble home and office. These images were published in the Courier Magazine, which is based in London. Follow him on Instagram at @iantehphotography to keep up with his amazing work. If you missed the magazine feature, you can read it here.
I promise to tell you more stories when things improve on my end.
Take care now.
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