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Today we're working on our Summer Scrap Elimination projects. I've got some sleep masks for you and the whole family (maybe your neighbors too!)
 First things first make some fabric with your scraps. 
You'll need 1" x 5" or larger pieces. 
– For the Black and white I just went to town cutting strips of various sizes, 1"- 3" wide x 5"
– For the multi colored strips I used pre-cut charm squares (5" x 5") cut in half once -2 ½" x 5" pieces and used 5 each 
Of course you can “eliminate” with slightly larger pieces of scraps by using one single fabric approx. 5" x 10" - it all depends on what size scraps you have?
Step 1 - cut &/or create your scraps (2) 
- ONE  5" x 10" or larger piece for the front and ONE for the back
Cut  5" x 10" pieces of scrap batting, fusible fleece or lightweight interfacing. You will need ONE for each mask, unless you are using fusible interfacing you might want two.
Cut a 10-12" piece of elastic 
(you may need slightly smaller than 10" for smaller heads; or larger)
Putting the mask together:
Image 1 (below) - Cut the sleep mask shape out of the 3 pieces of fabric (front, back and fleece/interfacing)
Image 2 & 3 (below) - Layer, pin or baste the elastic to the sides of the front (right side up) of the sleep mask, move the excess elastic to the center so it doesn't get caught up in your stitching
Image 4 - layer the back fabric right sides together with the front piece first then the backing, the the fusible interfacing. Pin the unit together and straight stitch a ¼" seam all of the way around. Leaving a 2-3" opening at the top (straight side).
You decide 1) if it is easier to fuse the fleece/interfacing to the wrong side of the back BEFORE you sew or 2) sew with the fleece/interfacing side up or down
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Grab a pre-cut kit and all you have to do is stitch, flip and stitch and viola! Done
Kits include PRECUT front & back fabrics, precut fusible fleece and elastic.
Kits - 5.00+
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xo, Kathryn