First name / Friend, it is Poetry Day again! Here at Arwani Law Firm we enjoy conversations about new and exciting topics that are flowing in our lives and that would benefit you, the reader. As stated before, The Victorian poet Matthew Arnold once claimed that “The crown of literature is poetry”. Lately, we at the firm discussed the fact that poetry has slowly declined in impact as time has gone by. But to us, it still feels like poetry and the boundaries of creativity and expression that it shatters, are just as important today as they were throughout human history. Here are 3 of the most famous poems of all time: 
  • The Raven: This poem is by far Edgar Allan Poe's most famous work. The ambiance and vibes that the poem presents is just as chilling and mysterious as the man who wrote it. 
  • Ozymandias: This poem was written in the form of a sonnet by English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The overarching idea of this work is to describe art and power in a metaphor. Ozymandias is a reference to Egyptian ruler Ramses ll. The crumbling statue represents two distinct topics: The transience of power and the ability for art to preserve the past. 
  • The Road Not Taken: Robert Frost is a fan favorite poet who is know for his talented way of painting a picture from simple ideas. I have always seen this poem as an example of when someone is at an important crossroad in their lives. Decisions made now will impact your path for the rest of your life. Nobody could have painted a better picture that Frost. 
We hope you get the chance to read this poems and spark that love for poetry that our society so desperately needs. As always, stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

Rania Arwani

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