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I am so excited to welcome
you to my Pop Up email list.
It's happening! 
Storefront achievement unlocked, y'all! 
We are opening an actual SHOPPE!!!
With a permanent home for QueerShoppe, comes MORE weekly markets, and community involvements, including commissioned vending spots at the Shoppe (DM if you want to house your lovely wares in a permanent location) 
Ready for immediately? First market is this Friday night! 
Secure your vending spot below,  and please include the date or dates, as well as your IG @ so I can add you to a group chat as soon as you've held your spot.
Friday night markets were designed with you in mind! Scared? We are nice and helpful! We will help you setup and every vendor is a literal angel and so kind and willing to assist. Not off work til six? That's okay! Setup when you get there. We finish at 9PM, so you can still be cozy by bedtime. Sometimes it's a VIBE and we stay til 10 if you want. Flexibility is entrepreneurial!
 Ready for market sometime soon? Grab your spot by prepaying the fees, and just put the date in the memo line for Venmo payment. 
Once payment is received (or otherwise arranged to be), you'll be added to the IG chat for the market date(s). 

BONUS: if you prepay for four markets at one time, the fifth one is free! (they do not have to be consecutive but must be used within a total of 8 weeks)
As always, we are fee accessible, barter-friendly, and disability and neurodiversity-aligned. 
Sliding scale $25-50 Please feel free to reach out for ANY other access needs. 
Need a table? A canopy? First time vending? 
We got you- just reach out. 
We will figure it out together (and ngl, I have a good bit of expertise). 
ILY'all so much. Thank you for being a part of the vision. 
Grab that vending slot! 
Any questions? You can reply to this email, hit any of the social links below and DM, or text at (415)373-6537
Speak soon, Bestie!
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