Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump

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Find comfort in the discomfort.
That's what my yoga instructors would always say and I'd use all my willpower to stay in whatever position we were in for a few more seconds and hope it'd be over soon 😅 Even though I don't go to that class anymore, that phrase has really stuck with me and I think it's an idea worth looking into when it comes to our creative practice. 
My first experience with something that made me uncomfortable was the “Uncomfortable Color Combo Challenge" hosted by Stephanie & Simone of That Creative Space. At the time, working with any color felt hard because I was used to a very neutral palette. But joining in on that challenge helped me discover that color doesn't have to be intimidate me, that it's something I could embrace and enjoy using! That realization opened up so many possibilities!
This week let's dip our toes--or dive right in--to something that makes us uncomfortable and see what happens when we try to find ways to embrace it…

Do any of these things make you uncomfortable and can you spend time exploring it this week?
  • A specific tool/medium and/or a particular way it's used
  • A certain subject: florals, faces, animals, people, abstract, etc.
  • Creating art outside--this one is inspired by Stephanie @demigodette's post, please go take a look
  • Going into a creative session with no plan
  • Covering every inch of your surface in multiple layers of medium
  • Or the opposite, creating one simple focal point
  • Expressing a particular emotion. Can you try to express it visually instead? What would this emotion look like in shapes, colors, and textures?
  • Sharing your work. Try doing it for the first time, on your terms. Maybe it's sharing a small part of it such as a close up detail shot or letting one trusted friend see it. If it's on social media, turn off comments if that feels better. (You can always share with this community by emailing me a photo! :))
  • Selling your art. Create a piece that you'll sell or a piece inspired by your beliefs about art and money.
  • Talking about being an artist or creative. What are the things you'd like to say about you and your work? Get it out onto your sketchbook page.
  • Journal about something that makes you uncomfortable. See where that takes you and what it inspires you to make.
Pick an idea and decide how you'll approach it in the upcoming week. 


One of the things I've learned from my 100 Day Projects (2021, 2022) is to sit with something I really don't like. Every day I added 1 mark to my canvas/paper and once I did it, there was no going back and no fixing! Some days I reallllly disliked the mark but usually, when I looked at it again hours later, I didn't find it so offensive anymore :) These days we are able to delete, undo, redo, paint over, flip to the next page easily and quickly. Next time, as uncomfortable as it might be, maybe we just let it be for awhile. Walk away, come back to it, and see if our perspectives and feelings have changed. (If not, you can always take action then :))

Hit reply and let me know what you're thinking of doing for week 3! Feel free to send me pics and if you're using IG/TT tag @atiliay and #ssus2022 so I can see your post.
Here's to pushing outside our comfort zones!
I'll be checking in on Tuesday--talk to you then!
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I don't know about you but sometimes I find myself holding my breath, death gripping my paintbrush, thisclose to the paper, and hunched over my desk lol In honor of the yoga classes that inspired this prompt, here's one of my favorite videos to help us stretch and get more comfy! (All the moves can be done sitting on the floor, bed, or chair except for the last one which you can skip!)
10 Min Yoga Quickie for Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back
by Yoga with Adriene (and her cute dog is in the video too!)

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