A 104 SIGNS? A few summers back I went on a road trip with my brother Matt. Across country and back, in six days to pick up and deliver WWII Memorabilia. The big kind, hauled on the rubber of 18 wheels. My seat was less than comfortable, with two cattle dogs at my feet. Hot, long, slept-out under the bed of the trailer more than once. We were crossing the states back to Oregon, from Minnesota through the Dakotas. The road straight and boring. Until famous Americana begins to call it’s “perfect customer” to its door. Three states worth of pavement, our journey was to count 1 to 104 unique, clever, old fashioned, painted wood, on this over pass and that exit, Waldrug signs. After the first twenty or so, I started a family bet via texting, how many Waldrug signs we could count. Anything to break the monotony of bleached Dakota miles. I purchased many souvenirs, including this hat. Got my picture taken on a HUGE Jackalope. Because of 104 road signs. One of the most memorable road trips I have taken. Waldrug, A small town variety store. Now famous Americana, took full advantage of thousands upon thousands of driving eyes. We will never run out of ROAD SIGNS on the journey of success. The pathway of life, as long as we, remember GOD has painted signs, clues and unique ways to catch our attention. We are His and He is more than willing to paint a lifetime of signs, to tell us! 
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