Are You using Online Curriculum In your Homeschool this year?
Homeschooling multiple children at different levels can be challenging. I like having some online curriculum to go to, especially for my oldest. That way I can focus on my youngest needs while she is working independently. But how do you choose the best online curriculum?
Education Perfect is not your simple standard online learning platform. Their homeschooling software is packed with so many useful features, and it’s only getting better as they grow.
Tips to choose the perfect Online Curriculum for your homeschool.
Tip One
Matching Your Child's Learning Style
When looking for a curriculum making sure it matches your child's learning style is essential. It's important to spend some time observing and working with your child and seeing what works best for your child. 
How does your child like to learn? What motivates them to keep learning?
 Are they auditory learners, or maybe they are more visual, verbal or linguistic, logical, physical, social or interpersonal, or intrapersonal? There are many learning styles and most likely your child thrives off of a few of the styles, knowing which ones help your child thrive can unlock their love of learning.
Education Perfect is flexible enough to work alongside pretty much any style of homeschooling. The lessons are interactive with tons of manipulative elements that appeal to many learning styles.
One of our favorite things Education Perfect offers is their Monthly Homeschool Competition. Kids accumulate points as they work through their lessons on the platform, every question answered during regular daily learning earns them one point.
At the end of the month, every single homeschool child who answers at least 250 questions gets entered into a drawing for 1 of 4 $20 gift cards, and the top 3 learners each month receive a $20 gift card automatically!  
Tip Two
Is the curriculum interesting, and fun?
Education Perfect is an online learning platform providing a full curriculum covering everything from core subjects such as English, Math, and Science to more specialized curricula such as Music, Digital Technologies, and Technology & Design. The platform’s library includes over 35,000 gamified, interactive lessons, with over 10,000 videos and 50,000 questions.
With so many lessons, topics, experiments your child can choose whatever interests them, there is variety that makes Education Perfect a great resource as an extracurricular resource or even a complete curriculum for your homeschool.
Tip Three
Will the curriculum make your homeschool run more smoothly?
When choosing curriculum it is essential to keep your situation in mind. What do I mean by your situation?
 Well, are you a working homeschool parent? If you are, then you may have less time to give to planning or grading, finding a curriculum like Education Perfect that grades every question and offers instant feedback may be beneficial to you. 
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Education Perfect is offering a 30-day free trial so you can check out their lessons for yourself!
And right now, you can score a 20% discount on a subscription to Education Perfect using the discount code save20.
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Did You Know?
Every Education Perfect account comes with up to 5 student learner accounts!
That means that the whole family can learn at their own level, for one monthly subscription price.
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