4 Yoga Poses to De-stress Your Body
It's no secret––life has been less than smooth these past few years. You might have let your health and personal wellbeing fall by the wayside, so this week's newsletter is all about reconnecting with your body through the the power of yoga.
Guided and modeled respectively by our resident yoga instructors, Shenuka Abeysekera and Diana Krausz, here are four simple poses to help you feel calm and energised.
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                                            COBRA POSE 
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This posture mimics the actions of a cobra when its hood opens up. But unlike the serpentine who is prepping itself for danger, the actual human posture is meant to de-stress the body and eliminate any negative emotion.
Helps with: Releasing fatigue, stretching the abdominals and thorax, strenghtening the vertebrae, and preventing congestion in the lungs. 
Over to you: Lie, stomach down, on your mat. Keep your hands underneath your shoulders (easier if you roll your shoulders down your back), tuck your elbows in towards the wrists, press, and lift up your chest.
                                            WARRIOR 2 POSE 
                                              (Virabhadrasana II) 
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Diana wears LOVI Cotton Yoga Pants - Relaxed Fit (made-to-order). 
As the legend goes, Lord Shiva was madly in love with a woman named Sati whose father, King Daksha did not approve of the union. To humiliate the couple, he threw a party and did not invite Shiva. At the party, Sati, in response to her father's wickedness, burst into flames and Shiva created a warrior, Virabhadra, to kill the king. The above pose represents the warrior in preparation for battle. Similarly, this pose gets the average yogi energised for the day ahead! 
Helps with: Strength, stability, and focus. 
Over to you: From standing, bring one leg back. The heel of your front foot and the arch of your back foot should be in one line. Bend into your front knee, open your arms out, and gaze towards your front finger tips.  
                              EXTENDED SIDE ANGLE POSE
                                      (Utthita Parsvakonasana) 
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Diana wears LOVI Cotton Yoga Pants - Relaxed Fit (made-to-order). 
In Sanskrit, parsva means side, kona is angle, and asana means posture. Altogether, this side body stretch is ideal for sedentary workers who want to improve their posture and energy levels. 
Helps with: Stretching the legs and hamstrings, opening up the chest and shoulders, and improving balance. 
Over to you: From your Warrior 2 pose, keep bending into the your front knee and bring your front forearm onto your front thigh. Extend your back arm overhead.
                                            DANCER POSE 
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Diana wears LOVI Pique Sailor T-Shirt Dress in white (made-to-order).
Natarajan (aka The Cosmic Dancer) is one of Shiva's many forms, representating the constant change which is present in the world. It's a fun and strong pose requiring a lot of balance and concentration. And yes, it is completely doable for you yoga newbies. 
Helps with: Core, leg, and shoulder strength. Also opens up the hip flexors countering any sitting pose you might be in. 
Over to you: Keep your hips facing forward and press down through the standing foot whilst bending the other towards your glutes. Grab the inside of your back foot with the corresponding hand (for beginners, use a strap to hold it). If your balance is good, lean forward and reach out with your other arm. If you're struggling, hold onto a chair or wall and keep your core engaged. 
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Remember, yoga is less about nailing each pose but rather honouring the process–– be patient and listen to your body. 
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