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01. Meet Our New Providers
02. Book Corner with Dr. Newman
03. Mental Health Support Tool Kit with Charisse L. Crump, B.A., M.A.C.M.
04. Alicja's Podcast (Want to send in an anonymous mental health question?)
05. Wellness Raffle (Win a $50 Visa Gift Card!)

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Adam Metzger, PMHNP-BC
Adam Metzger is a down-to-earth and welcoming psychiatric nurse practitioner with a master’s degree in nursing from The Ohio State University. 
He believes in providing a safe space for clients to share their concerns and seek practical and achievable solutions. Adam is dedicated to genuinely understanding clients and partnering with them to find simple and effective ways to reach goals. 
He provides skilled medication management for adolescents and adults with mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and trauma-related disorders, schizophrenia, and addiction related disorders (non-opioid) and others. 
He is passionate about helping his clients reach their maximum potential!

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Heidi Gum, MHP, PA-C
Heidi Gum is a physician’s assistant and has 22 years of experience providing services to patients in all different areas of medicine! 
Heidi is a certified urban Zen integrative therapist, certified adult trauma yoga therapist, and is trained in Reiki, awareness meditation, and mindful nutrition. She embraces the holistic approach, and is trained in providing a whole-person approach when it comes to psychiatry.
She loves analyzing labs with her patients and connecting any imbalances in vitamin, mineral, hormone, or electrolyte levels to their symptoms. She uses an integrative and functional medicine approach in her treatments. 
She is a strong believer that a healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body!

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Joshua Adams, MSW, LSW
Joshua Adams is a clinical licensed social worker and acquired his master’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University. He believes that the path towards healing can be arduous, but therapy can help the healing. With your willingness, Joshua would like to be your guide who will help you find the right tools to make your life better.
Joshua is also a writer and editor and believes that creative writing can be used for healing purposes. He has worked with veterans and other individuals to help them cope with trauma through creative writing. 
He uses strengths-based approach to therapy and believes that communication and telling your story is important in the healing journey. His practice is also grounded in spirituality, and he believes that strong faith provides a sense of purpose and ultimately helps with healing.

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“Atomic Habits” by James Clear
My pick for August is the book Atomic Habits, by James Clear. 
Mr. Clear is a Columbus author who has traveled and lectured extensively on habit formation and reaching goals. The author suggests that when we have trouble sticking to good habits, it's not because we are the problem. The problem is the system we use to create change. He asserts that we need to reshape the way we think about progress and transformation, using small but meaningful improvements each day. He draws from the literature of biology, psychology and neuroscience but makes the ideas easy to digest and implement into everyday use. 
Atomic Habits has the ability to inspire readers and leave us wanting a little bit more of the stories he shares to illustrate frameworks for success. 
For those of you who are intimidated by a full-length book, the author also writes a newsletter, which can be found at
Happy Reading!

Mental Health Support Tool Kit | 03
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Mental Health Support Toolkit 
with Charisse L. Crump, B.A., M.A.C.M. 
We are all recovering from the effects of COVID-19, rather personally, someone we love, or the fact that we have been isolated from our family and friends. As we move forward, it’s time to prioritize our mental health and self-care.
Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, act, make choices, and relate to others. Mental health is more than the absence of a mental illness—it’s essential to your overall health and quality of life. Self-care can play a role in maintaining your mental health and help support your treatment and recovery.
Here are several ways to support your emotional and mental health:
  • Sleep – Stick to a schedule and make sleep a priority. Aim for 7 or more hours of sleep.
  • Exercise – 30 minutes of walking daily.
  • Medication Compliance – Assists with achieving your goals of treatment and ensures that medications work correctly.
  • Talk Therapy – Strengthens your ability to cope with everyday stressors and handle challenges more effectively.
  • Nutrition & Hydration - A balanced diet and plenty of water can improve your energy and focus throughout the day.
  • Stay Connected – Connect with friends, and family who can provide emotional support and laughter.
  • Ask for Help – To get through life, we all need to ask for help.
When it comes to your mental health, self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy. For other ideas for healthy practices for your mind, body, surroundings, and relationships, see the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Wellness Toolkits.
Source – National Institute of Mental Health

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Therapy for Your Ears 
with Alicja Matusiak, LISW-S, PMHNP-BC
Did you know that the founder of Holistic Wellness Solutions has a podcast? Tune into "Naked Truth" every Friday for topics ranging from home remedies to ADHD treatment!
You know what else is awesome? You can submit a question to the podcast to have it answered LIVE on the show! Click here to do that or email 
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Wellness Raffle (Win a $50 Visa Gift Card)
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