Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump


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How has week 3 been for you so far? It's not easy facing something you are uncomfortable with so please take a moment to recognize that and be proud of yourself for going outside your comfort zone! Here's what our community has been up to and there's also an update on the SSUS Photo Gallery below:

TYRA created this collage using a bunch of drawings she didn't like/messed up on in some way and included a reminder to herself that art doesn't need to be perfect! The reason she created this is because she realized she tries to put only “good work” in her sketchbook-- even though it was originally supposed to be for her to play around in and have fun. That's part of the reason she joined the un-slump to try to get out of that headspace! And now she has this reminder in her book to look back on if she starts feeling this way again.
I think so many of us can relate to Tyra and I was very excited to share her collage with you--I think we can all use these reminders! 
“Art doesn't need to perfect. Experiment. HAVE FUN! New markers mean mistakes and that's okay!”
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JOE has always been uncomfortable with his penmanship and had been wanting to commit to practicing calligraphy. He has books, pens, print outs, etc. but never put pen to paper…until this week--see what Joe created by clicking here!

MELISSA is thinking of doing a piece in all black and will maybe add a little white to the mix if it's too uncomfortable as is. If you're getting stuck, try doing want Melissa mentioned and add something to adjust the level of discomfort.

CLAUDIA realized there were 2 things that made her uncomfortable: drawing flowers (not her usual style) and doing a YouTube tutorial (because anytime she'd start one in the past, it felt like they went too fast/she missed something/it didn't come out right so she'd get frustrated and stop--I think some of us can definitely relate to this!) So this week she combined both and did a YouTube tutorial on watercolor flower. The video Claudia followed was “Every Watercolor Flower You'll Ever Need" by Shayda Campbell and she may come back to it later and try it again for the second time!
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REENA is catching up on the weekly prompts and is tempted to try expressing emotions visually when she gets to week 3. Thank you Reena for sharing and this reminder that you can start the un-slump when you're ready--the prompts will be there waiting :)

I find myself connecting more with abstract methods of creating because they allow for more freedom and interpretation--drawing something that's supposed to actually look like a specific thing makes me uncomfortable because it can be wrong! So for this prompt I decided to focus on sketching using photos as reference. I picked birds that I see in my backyard and thought it'd be less intimidating when some of your subjects are fluffy and cute :) I'll spend the rest of the week filling up this page with more rough sketches…maybe I'll try some more detailed ones too. (Also, beaks are really weird and cool lol.)
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You can now find photos from the SSUS over here on Flickr! They are organized into albums for each week. Click on an album to see all the photos at once and click on specific images for a larger view or click through them. Each photo includes a short caption and link to the creator's social media (if available).
There's a lot that doesn't get included in the check-in emails, mostly because of timing, so I hope you'll take a moment to check the gallery out! No two projects are even close to being the same and I love seeing all the unique takes on each prompt!
If you'd like to share what you've created, email me a photo, tell me a little bit about your project, and let me know if there's a link you'd like me to include.
Wherever you are in the un-slump, keep creating and keep going.
I'll talk to you on Friday when we find out what the next prompt will be!
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PS: If you're using social media, please tag @atiliay #SSUS2022. I'll try my best to include these posts too but emailing me a photo works the best!

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