Are you ready to step into an initiation into the Human Design System, the master system of the Age of Aquarius?
It's clear that the world is finally ready for Human Design. A synthesis of Astrology, The I Ching, the Qaballah, and the Chakra System of the Yogic Sciences, this master system is here to awaken us to our true nature during this pivotal time of transformation. Its beckoning through the collective aura to those who will carry this transmission in service to the alignment and empowerment of the individual spirit of humanity. 
Human Design defies categorization and reaches through many dimensional layers of our beingness to present us with strategies that can guide us to our highest unfoldment and most joyful, easeful experience of our life on Earth.
It unapologetically authorizes us to claim our uniqueness, burn down and un-become all that represses our true nature, and equips us with the practical keys to navigate our reality. The applications of HD are as endless as the solutions we need - from business, to relationships, to developing a greater understanding of our place in history and the cosmos - the possibilities are endless!
So what can you expect from DNA Alignment Academy?
You'll learn a lot more than how to read a chart.
This hands-on, 12 week online masterclass includes:
  • Weekly Live Classes comprised of our weekly lesson followed by group mind Q & A (Saturday Mornings at 10am-12pm PST)
  • A dedicated community space for posing questions, sharing breakthroughs and connecting over your love of Design with your classmates + Dylan
  • Course Materials in video + PDF format (distributed weekly)
  • Challenging, rigorous devotion to the core teachings of HD, taught as they were intended by Ra Uru Hu
  • My complete consciousness library and 11 years of embodied experience as your resource!
It's not just about memorization, it's about embodiment.
After this course, you’ll be empowered to:
  • Deepen and cultivate your own unique lens on Human Design
  • Take your own differentiation and deconditioning to deeper levels
  • Build lifelong skills in awareness
  • Be fluent in the detailed aspects of Human Design to dial down into hyper accurate analysis and synthesis
  • Hold greater understand of the energy at play all around us and the deeper mechanics of life
  • Change lives through the revelation Human Design offers!
And most importantly of all, we'll have fun along the way! You are encouraged to bring your authenticity, vulnerability, and curiosity to each class. Each persons energy is a huge influence and gift to the group - we are all welcome to share and shine. 
I look forward to seeing you in class! 
With Love + Light + Gratitude,
Still have questions? Text the Human Design Maven hotline for more info!