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Man, it's been a crazy month! From that crazy storm a few weeks ago to literally getting over Covid last week. I just can’t believe we're in August! I can’t wait for my last mama to have her baby. I’m so excited to nurture her family and guide them on the next phases of their journey. And I’m even more excited, honestly, to go on a much needed vacation at the end of this month.

Sand, Sun, Family, and Fun!
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Let’s talk about how to stay cool in this weather! It can be so hard to ignore your swollen hands or feet and how dehydrated you may get from missing just an hour of not drinking.
Here are some of my favorite tips:
💜 Rest as soon as you come inside from walking, gardening, or playing with your kids / pets
💜 Electrolytes are your friend! Watermelon, coconut water, apples, and cantaloupe are some of my favorite ways to get electrolytes (+ they're delicious 😉)
💜 Magnesium! Yes! They have capsules, lotions, and a powder you can put in your drink. Epsom salt is a great source of magnesium, too.
Please, please don't overdue it!
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BTW, did you know I love Ayurveda everything?
Ayurvedic Medicine is a holistic health practice focused on natural methods for healing. Ayurvedic recipes focus on promoting gut health and detoxification!
Here is one of my favorite healing recipes for postpartum mamas! If you try it, make sure to snap a pic and tag me.
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As always, I love being here for you and providing you with so much info! I can't wait to see what next month holds for me and you ✨
See you next month,